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    Piper, I am headed your way soon. Are you still in business down there?

    Piper, I am headed your way soon. Are you still in business down there?
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    My cypress skiff

    Looks great.
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    Well I have been having some sort of a time.

    Good to hear they got it all. Heal quickly!
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    An Older Lady Who Loves Obama

    The lady is right. Don't hold your breath waiting for libs to keep their promises. That rarely happens.
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    Good question, what are these doing in the budget to begin with.
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    The Little Red Hen (revised)

    I like your solution Chuck.
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    This is great....what a country!

    You will fit in fine with the rest of us deplorables.
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    In this crazy election season

    I like that, Sparkey, and I'm left-handed. (But right-minded)
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    Use the hand you have left to kill yourself. All but the last difficulty can be overcome. :mrgreen:
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    Plywood for rough use boat

    Re: How to check for voids? Most will be difficult to find. The best way I have found is to flex the sheet slightly and sight and feel for flat spots. If it looks flat tap lightly with a hammer or mallet to see if it is solid inside. The plugs are fine except for the face of an appearance...
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    Plywood for rough use boat

    I just decided to get on the water with something I could overnight aboard if need be. Mostly going to be a fishing platform, most sailing will be to and from sites. This bay was at one time the largest fresh water fishery in the world.
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    Plywood for rough use boat

    Well the boat build is off the table for now. I have gone over to the dark side of the force and purchased an O'Day DaySailer in fiberglass. 16' 9" long sloop rigged,will float in seven inches of water. Should be great for fishing and coastal cruising.
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    Dr. Geezer's clinic..........

    You got that right, Sonny!
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    Sorry that this happened to you folks. Hope all come through OK. This must be Bush's fault!
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    Plywood for rough use boat

    Always do a check for voids. We received some marine mahogany ply at the marina where I worked in the 70's that had voids in the inner plies.