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    Deeply disturbing.

    Pelosi has pretty much said that if Biden gets elected that they will find him incompetent and she can then remove him and put her puppet, Harris in as president.
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    Cheese Trivia

    I agree Jack, Cabot White Extra Sharp is the best.
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    Stitch and Glue No Plans

    Hey Andy, I think it looks pretty good. Should be fun to fish out of. Dave.
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    2020 still sucks , sort of.

    Wishing you the best and in my prayers too. Dave.
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    Stitch and Glue No Plans

    Looks really good Andy. Dave.
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    First excursion in the China Syndrome.

    Hey Joey, real nice,thanks. Dave.
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    New pirogue .....hybrid build

    Looks good Joey.
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    Was it fruit and nut , cream filled or peanut butter?
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    New pirogue .....hybrid build

    Hey Joey, back in 2006 I drove flatbed for TMC," to much chrome", for awhile and hauled several loads of plywood out of a plant in Mississippi. It was awful looking stuff, all dimensions in every stack. I strapped it down and carried it to Oklahoma to a BIG place where they built storage sheds...
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    Not an Uncle John Pirogue Seat

    When I was a kid back in Delaware,"when it was still a great place to live", we use to chunk dirt clods all the time at each other and other things. Got whipped for it too sometimes. Dave.
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    Intro and a Southern Sabalo

    Welcome aboard. Dave.
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    It's the who's on third with the democrats and Obama.

    This scare is just more of the news and the left trying to take out Trump. Doctor says this virus is lung specific and if you drink some warm liquids of any sort while out and about it will wash the virus into your stomach where it can't survive. Just carry your travel coffee mug with you.
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    Two More Builds

    Wow Andy, really nice. Dave.
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    A Plank Pirogue

    Looks real good to me. Dave.