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    Ole farts issues....

    We have 4 ski areas around here and the biggest one's last day was Palm Sunday. Supposedly we could get up to 6" of snow on Easter :eek: . Lord, I'm ready for spring!!! I want to get the canoes out of winter storage and hopefully get to do some paddling. My paddles are feeling neglected.
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    Kayak Jack?

    Anybody heard from Jack lately? He hasn't posted in a while (not like him). Should I dig out his phone number?
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    We've had some trying times this year, both family and health wise. But this year (gratefully) is ending on a positive note. Hope y'all have a happy, healthful, safe and prosperous 2022:)
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    Forbes Breaking News .

    Boats do tend to be LESS frustrating than democrats.:eek:
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    Paddle Boat Registration

    Wasn't meant to be a complaint... simply an observation:confused:
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    Paddle Boat Registration

    I go to the same restaurant for breakfast every Tues and usually have the same server. Typically she gets 30% tip. Service is fantastic, rarely do I see the bottom of my coffee cup:cool: (somehow this got sidetracked from paddle boat registration)
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    Bicycling you would not believe. .

    Love the bloopers! Still laughingo_O
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    I've been using cardboard egg cartons for years. I've found that wood chips from my chainsaw work better than saw dust. Next time I make some I'll use shredded paper (Joy fills the container every week).
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    A Winter Project for Jack.

    :DThank ye so kindly, good sir Jack. Was actually out skiing this morning and it was great. Fortunately, that danged tree hasn't found its way to Holiday Valley (yet:rolleyes:)
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    A Winter Project for Jack.

    I think it was the same treeo_O
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    A Winter Project for Jack.

    Only time I ever went down and got hurt was on a dirt trail. Never even had a close call on pavement.
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    Taut-Line Hitch , adjusting the lines when camping

    Jack, 1:29 AM, really? You are a "knotty" boy for staying up so late:rolleyes:
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    SOLO An Interesting Twig Stove

    I've had a generic gasifier twig stove for a few years and like it a lot ! My sons were so impressed with it that they asked for one as gifts. Older son uses his as his primary stove.
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    Happy New Year. May your 2021 be better than 2020 has been. :rolleyes:
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    I am going to join the International Association of Procrastinators...someday!