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    Scrap Brazillian Mesquite

    It's been a while. I'll take a stab at the problem. A pirogue can be easily built to any stability standards you need...........just make it wider. A 15' long by 28" to 30" bottom pirogue would be plenty stable and not rock too much when moving around. You should be able to stand...
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    Mikes "17 lb pirogue"

    I missed a CRITICAL detail in my boat build. I used uncoated, bare aluminum flashing. Epoxy doesn't stick to it worth a flip. With bare aluminum, some kind of caulk probably would have sealed better. I found the hundreds of brads held the aluminum very well. Mine came out to 23 lbs...
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    Tx river rat's "pontoon boat"

    Another itch you had to scratch, eh Ron? Good to hear from you again.
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    17 lb pirogue.......maybe

    Well, the bottom is plywood and the sides are aluminum, so you don't get any strange reflections. It's bright but not glaring.
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    17 lb pirogue.......maybe

    Well, that IS a story. The original boat used factory coated aluminum flashing, which sealed to the frame with epoxy very well. I didn't see that important detail and went with bare aluminum. The epoxy didn't seal well so, after the fact, I put on an exterior coat of PL Premium, which...
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    Not tiny house..........tiny boat

    8 feet long by 27.5 " across the bottom with 10" sides . Kinda small but surprisingly seaworthy for calm waters. Just another itch I had to scratch.
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    17 lb pirogue.......maybe

    Added a pic.
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    The Swamper- new design

    Added a pic.
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    Time for another pirogue

    Added a pic.
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    Not tiny house..........tiny boat

    Since it seems that I can get pics to "stick", I'll go back and put in a few pics of my builds.
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    8 foot pontoon boat

    Well, 30" of beam is more than a lot of kayaks have out there. It was pretty stable. I was able to stand up without doing doing any gymnastics. The beauty of the design is that the deck can be widened for more stability. I'm thinking a 4 foot beam, maybe 10" square pontoons and you...
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    8 foot pontoon boat

    Jack, I planned to use it for fishing small ponds and for fishing around docks close to a local boat landing. It is collapsible to fit in the trunk of my Camaro with the seat down. It did stick out a couple of feet, but I just tied the trunk lid down. Don't imagine there are many...
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    8 foot pontoon boat

    Specs: 8 feet x 30" wide ...................Pontoons are 8 feet x 7.75 " x 7.75"........... Weight -- 42 lbs............... 400 lbs of buoyancy .......1 sheet of 1/4" ply (plus a few scraps) and most of an 8 foot 2x4.
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    8 foot pontoon boat

    I'm trying a new way to post pics.
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    My Greenland Paddle

    Piper and I went paddling a couple of years ago and he let me use his Greenland paddle. Not impressed. It didn't feel like it was giving any thrust. I know the idea is to take faster strokes, but it just didn't work for me. From what I've read, they were held really close to your lap ...