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    Time changes everything....

    LOL! Good one, unfortunately I don't play golf so I can't go to......just a minute......go where?
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    . . . . . and, there may be others?

    Jack, if you are using a Windows computer and a wheel mouse all you have to do is hold down the control (Ctrl) on your keyboard and roll the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom and out. I hope that works for you, but something in the back of my mind says you are an iPad guy. If so, I can't help...
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    Florida and the Gulf States , Hurricane Watch

    Sorry y'all are going to be the target, but I'm darn sure glad it isn't coming to Texas. We still haven't gotten everything back to normal since Harvey blessed us with 52" of rain.
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    Something Different

    That's a mighty fine lookin' paddle!
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    Make America Great Again

    Back in the '70s when I had my boat we used a 20' sport trawl for shrimp. I loved just sitting back with a cold one while we pulled that net. The best part was seeing what you caught when the net came in. There was no telling what you might have, shrimp, crabs, flounder, sting rays and all sorts...
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    Little Pee Dee, S.C.

    That looks and sounds great. Keep us updated and post more pictures. Some of us don't read so well, but we like pictures!
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    Another use of Pepperoni for camping besides Pizzas.

    No pepperoni on my pizza, either. :)
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    Another use of Pepperoni for camping besides Pizzas.

    Can't say as I'd want to eat pepperoni, but it might make a good stink bait for cat fish. I just might give it a try someday........
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    Made the 6 o'clock news

    Very cool! Mike
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    Back to a Normal Life!

    Glad you are able to enjoy life again! Mike
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    REINDEER? Mayyyyybe

    Or mayyyyybe Jacks been sampling the eggnog a little too early this year.........:eek:
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    Wannabe... Johnny R. "Bob" Williams. 11-04-46 -- 11-19-18

    Wow, that is a shock! Bob has been a regular member on my site and last posted at 5:23 AM on November 19. He must have had a heart attack later that day. He was one of the good guys and will be missed. Mike
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    For a quick sponge type bath, I like the large "adult wipes"" I get from Sams Club. They come in great when a regular shower / bath is not available. Jack, you might be able to tear them in quarters.
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    Mikes "17 lb pirogue"

    Way cool!!! Like Chuck said, he will remember this the rest of his life. I know I remember building things with grandpa over 50 years ago. Great memories.
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    Looking for nice photos to use on the site.

    I think you should use the image on the T shirt I bought to help support the site. The image of a paddler on the back of a 'gator.