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    Hillary running again ?

    Jack... I'm not sure about Jimmy's thoughts but for some reason i keep getting the feeling that Hillary is behind all of this mess with Trump. She does not appar to me like a very forgiving person but one that holds a grudge. Especially for a longtime or till she gets even ( in her mind ) with...
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    Hillary running again ?

    I've got a shirt with a Alligator in a swamp on it. The saying under it is......... When you are up to your ass in Alligators it's hard to remember The idea was to drain the swamp.
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    Hillary running again ?

    I saw on AOL where Hillary told Trump not to challenge her , she might be thinking of running again. Which brought me to a email I received about what might of cost her the election the last time. For the life of me I can not just pick out one item. Was it the Russian Uranium Deal? Was it...
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    Since we have an abundance of these at the stores today..........Strawberries are not a berry but actually a fruit. They are the only fruit with the seeds on the outside of it.
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    Not sure but a combination of ...Fish chunks , diced potatoes , onions , butter , milk or cream , celery and garlic if desired. Back 100 years ago ( or so ) we use to get *periwinkle's* over at the beach. We would rinse them in the serf to get a lot of the sand out of them. Then into some salted...
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    Weather is about the same here except it has been in the upper 80's which is nicer then the upper 90's. Got tired of waiting for cooler weather so yesterday I made a big pot of Chili. Real Chili without any pineapple in it. I'm a Texan and always thought Pineapples belong over on some island...
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    It’s true about getting old....

    Not exactly , if anything just the opposite. :rolleyes:
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    It’s true about getting old....

    I never left the old 22. My latest handgun is one of the new John Browning 1911's .45 in the 22 cal. It's reduced about a quarter in size and a lot in weight. Makes a nice lightweight semi auto to carry when hiking.
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    Buffalo Shrimp

    O Boy , Shrimp Po Boy's , that's some mighty fine eating. All of them have to go a long ways to beat the Atlantic White Shrimp that Loves seafood resturant ( Savanna Ga. ) serves. Thinking about that it makes me wish I was camping up there and slipping down to the restaurant in the evening for...
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    A Plank Pirogue

    I can visualize it when it's done , it will be a beauty and reminiscent of old time boats.
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    Tales from the Log of the Ruptured Duck

    Florida has lots of the Rails to Trails for bikes , skateboards or any thing else including walking. Some of the old railroad tracks that were not used for wheeled transportation became the Florida Trail ( Florida National Secenic Trail ) . The Florida Trail is a backpacking , camping , hiking...
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    . . . . . and, there may be others?

    Yep the same problem here with the eyes , trifocals and cataracts. I use a laptop but have it hooked up to a larger screen then the one attached to the laptop. The screen is 21 inches diagonally. To simplify things I also have a lazier mouse attached to the laptop. Basically the laptop is...
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    Make America Great Again

    Car keys protruding from a closed fist are just as dangerous as your little stick , especially in a slashing motion. Like you said , anything can be a weapon even a rolled up news paper.
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    Remembering 911

    I was in the yard doing some lawn work when my neighbor across the street hollered over to me to get inside and look at the TV. I was glued to it not believing what I was seeing. Then the video of the 2nd tower started , how could this be happening in America ???
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    (NOT) In A Nutshell

    I get Pistachios , Pecans , Peanuts ( The Three P's ) locally. Sometimes even Walnut's and Hazelnuts in the shell . I wish I could find Brazil Nuts in the shell , use to have fun opening them when I was a kid. Those Brazil nuts required some effort and you had to be careful not to use to much...