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    No Plans SS&G, No Plans, 3rd Try

    Getting ready to put tile in the master bathroom. Put down heat mats yesterday.
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    Boat Value?

    If it were being sold to an individua l, it would be worth more than you could ever get for it. Twice the cost of materials would let you continue building as many as you want but will not leave much for wages though it could keep a retired geezer busy doing something he loves if he can...
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    No Plans SS&G, No Plans, 3rd Try

    The pictures are now showing at the bottom of post 1 and enlarge when I click on them. Great looking boat.
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    No Plans SS&G, No Plans, 3rd Try

    Thanks, I will watch for them.
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    No Plans SS&G, No Plans, 3rd Try

    What happened to the pictures? I would like to see this one.
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    SOF help
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    boat weight

    Fiberglass on the exterior adds a LITTLE protection against scraping damage and punctures. Fiberglass on the inside adds a lot of protection against punctures and fractures because during force applied on the outside the fiberglass on the interior is under tension. P.S. Fiberglass on the...
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    Help... my bottom's looking dodgy and my varnish won't dry!

    From what I've read on the Woodenboat forum, seedtick had the answer. Scotchbrite and soapy water should be used to remove amine blush and then a clear water rinse. I have no idea on the timing for amine blush, but I am fairly sure it varies with the brand of epoxy and the temperature and...
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    Uncle John's Plans

    The link above is no longer valid. is correct as of today.
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    Best Bottom Protection/Maybe?

    Was an aspiring aviator. The first web forum I ever signed up for was rec.crafts.aviation/ultralights, but never managed to carry through with that.
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    Best Bottom Protection/Maybe?

    Have not seen a garvey site, but have looked at one sites that had 4 different lengths and a site that had one. Started with a 4x8 sheet cut a v at the front that was 2 feet long and 6" wide at the end. Printed that out and cut up a coke cardboard case for a model. Gave it a shallow v of...
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    Best Bottom Protection/Maybe?

    Have one bought plan, a DK15 that I may actually build someday. Also want to build a couple of canoes, a 14' Puddleduck SOF and a 16-17 foot cedar stripper. However I think the first will probably be an 8' garvey that I drew up plans for. Made some alterations to the drawings today, am at the...
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    Best Bottom Protection/Maybe?

    Would the rockite, graphite, epoxy mix be suitable directly to bare wood or is priming or fiberglassing required underneath.