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    Tales from the Log of the Ruptured Duck

    What no cell phone updates.... Please Jack give us some updates take us with you on the trip
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    A Long Way Around, a Pirouge Build

    Thanks for posting. I've got to think about your approach and learn from it. The chine angle was my undoing when tried the method. I was surprised, because on the 4H boats we used to cut the Chines at the same angle full lengthl. Now I'm confused :)
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    Tales from the Log of the Ruptured Duck

    Jack, my sincere co ndoleces. I know you were looking forward to keeping flying in your life. Hard to let it go, things and people we love remain in our hearts after their gone :)
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    Tales from the Log of the Ruptured Duck

    Jack Reminds me of transition to the the B 52 8 engines each with 7 or maybe 8 different gauges. Can't recall now (too many airplanes) soon learned in multi engines, IF each row of needles are all pointing the same way everything's ok!
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    Don’t Despair...

    You and I need to get together, drink a beer and give each posting lessons! Every time I need to edit, Jack has to tell me
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    Arthritis relief ....mag loader....

    Thanks for posting, I recently got the maglulu after trying cheap one!
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    Perfect vs good enough

    And that's my problem!
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    Pirogue fishing in Kansas?

    Very few Bee, only in some of the rocky creeks.
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    In what language was the Declaration of Independence first announced?

    Thanks for posting, had to go read about it. Didn't realize there were so many early German immigrants. My family came in the 1800s.
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    Pirogue fishing in Kansas?

    I guess I failed pictures again
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    I guess most of us had a Red Ryder...

    We actually killed a pheasant with one. Waiting on a dove to Land close enough to shoot and a pheasant was stupid enough to walk right by us ....a BB to the eye and the neck ringing completed the job!
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    Tales from the Log of the Ruptured Duck

    Way to go Jack, I'm Green With Envy. it's great that you understand and respect those warning flags get somebody to Papas a picture of that first Solo in your new airplane. Wahoo
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    Pirogue fishing in Kansas?

    This short 2 hour aternoon trip was to much fun not to share. Gilmore creek isn't a real bayou, but it's pretty, fishy, and 10 minutes from the house. This picture was my attempt to get a picture of a nice bass jumping O'well there will be a next time
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    Delete Draft post

    Thanks Jack, Iguess that was so obvious I couldn't find it
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    Happy Hour Kayak finally wet

    Happy Hour Kayak Maiden Splash I completed this SS&G Happy Hour last November, unfortunately the lake was already frozen. Here it is JULY,and she finally floats! The plans call for a skeg on the stern, of course I had to experiment and added a V bottom and left off the skeg. Here are the stats...
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    Delete Draft post

    Any one know how to delete a draft post. I seem to be stuck on the preview/ post page. When I use copy and paste to put in a post I end up with 4 copies of the post and then can't figure out edit or even delete the post. Thanks, Andy
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    Stitch and Glue No Plans

    t Thanks for the encouragement, I think you and JD speak from experience
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    Stitch and Glue No Plans

    Thanks to all who helped keep me on track during this build. We made it back "home" to Kansas. I'm guessing I'll try again asimilar boat a little longer and less deck, after we get my better half squared away with medical stuff. Good fish'n Andy