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  1. J

    4 x 8 CNC Router for under $500

    Interesting... ... -cnc-machi
  2. J

    EZ Lo Mein

    Super easy Lo Mein without having to buy any specialty food. Made it tonight and my son scarfed it! -1/2 pound spaghetti -3 tablespoons peanut oil, divided -2 tablespoons sesame oil -3 tablespoons soy sauce -1 teaspoon sugar -1 teaspoon cornstarch -1/2 teaspoon ground ginger -3 garlic...
  3. J

    I don't know what the rich people were doing tonight but....

    ... the poor folks were at my house having homemade carnitas with pickled onions. Outstanding!!!!
  4. J

    Dan River Batteau

    Stumbled upon this while we were in Rockingham County, NC. Thought you all might enjoy a bit of history. This boat was so big I couldn't get a good picture capturing all 40 feet! If anyone wants the original larger sized pictures, let me know.
  5. J


    As a "Thanksgiving Warm Up", I'm brining turkey breast overnight. Tomorrow I'll smoke it for about 3 hours at 220 and then finish it by slow cooking in the oven. Now the last time I had brined turkey was Christmas 2 years ago (which I did not cook) and I got violently ill. Hoping for a better...
  6. J

    Baked Meal Replacement Bars

    My kids wanted something they could eat right after school and before their games that would give some lasting energy. We tried some store bought bars but they are loaded with tons of sugar. If you do find something lower in calories and has some protein, it's very expensive and still has a...
  7. J

    The horror!!

    Global bacon shortage??? NOOOOoooooo! ... roup-says/
  8. J

    Grilled Lettuce?

    sounded very weird tday. In fact, I thought the lady that brought it in for lunch was pulling my leg. But it was true. I had a piece. Not bad. Here's a recipe from: ... ttuce.html Ingredients...
  9. J

    E-Z Lasagna I used -Mild Italian sausage instead of beef. -1/2 cottage cheese instead of all ricotta. used the no-fat version of both. -added 1/8 C Italian Seasoning. -Instead of layers, I just mixed it all together and topped with mozzarella It would be...
  10. J

    Double barrel .45

    twice the fun. ... rel-pistol
  11. J

    Gift for the gun enthusiast that has everything But at $250 each... I could build 1/2 of a boat! :shock: .
  12. J

    Naked Wine

    How's the subject for an attention grabber? :lol: I'm making some from-scratch spaghetti sauce and it calls for red wine. I'm not a wine person. Back in 2003, I got the chance to go to Paris through the university I was attending. We got to go to a local vineyard to do some wine tasting. I...
  13. J

    Grilled Buffalo Wings

    Wings are getting ridiculously expensive to buy at a restaurant or bar. This puzzles me because the raw wings are pretty cheap and doesn't take a whole lot of effort to deep fry them and cover in sauce. Not to mention the angioplasty you need after eating them. For the Super Bowl, I decided to...
  14. J

    This weekend cooking....

    It's getting cold out and I finally found a replacement lid for Grandma's old slow cooker. I've been using it every weekend since mid Sep. I'm going to do a potato soup this weekend since I have a couple half-empty 5 pound potato bags, russets and reds. I'm going to start with frying a pound...
  15. J

    North Wind - Wood Strip ... ripNW17x28 finally got it done!
  16. J

    Easter Eats

    We went out Saturday for our anniversary. So doing a big spread for Easter wasn't in the cards. But I wanted to do something different. I was going to do beer-can chicken on the grill but my grill lid doesn't have the height for a bird to stand on-end. So instead, I did some indirect heat...
  17. J

    Grilled Spuds

    Was nice outside and I wanted to be out in it. Fired up the grill. I still have a charcoal Weber. Love the smell and the flavor. Anyway... took some potatoes, washed and scrubbed the skins, and let dry. Turned them on their side and sliced length wise so I end up with about 1/4" thick flat...
  18. J

    Brazos Legends Salsa

    OK Ron, ever hear of this stuff? I have 2 jars that were given to me. Wasn't a huge fan of the "plain" but the peach salsa had a nice flavor and bight to it.
  19. J

    swamp girl in progress

    When the wood doesn't want to bend all the way, what you can do is get it to a position you feel comfortable with, and then leave it alone for at least a couple hours. The ply will "relax" a little and let you finish off any tight twists. Swamp Girl does have a couple of tight twists but with...
  20. J

    Lasagna Roll-Ups

    When ever I make lasagna, getting out of the pan was never a pretty sight. Then I happened upon this recipe. Loved it! Was easy to make and varying the serving size is simple. The "rolls" are easily frozen. Original found on search for "Lasagna Roll-Ups". It's the one...