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    Building of a birch bark canoe

    This video is about an hour long, but well worth your time.
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    Model Railroad

    Anybody like model railroads? Check this one out.
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    Internet Archive: 2500 miles in a paper canoe Voyage of the Paper Canoe: 2500 miles in a paper canoe from Quebec to the Gulf of Mexico in 1874-1875. If you follow the link back to the Internet Archive home page and search on something like canoeing or camping, you can find...
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    Beautiful Snow Moose - A must see

    Look here:
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    Paddle to Shoal Creek Iron Furnace

    Thursday afternoon, I paddled to an old iron making furnace on Shoal Creek in Cherokee County Georgia. When Lake Allatoona is full as it is now, you can get to it by canoe. I put in at Knox Bridge Boat Landing off of Hwy 20 between Canton and Cartersville and went up the Etowah River channel...
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    Florida road sign

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    Au Sable - May 2009

    Jack Al Dasen Both Als, Toby, Jack, Scott, Dave, Gregg View from Gabions camp. Al My South Wind and Jack's canoe. Jim and Dave's kayaks
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    Old Tools

    George mentioned starting a thread on tools. Since he hasn't gotten to it, I thought that I would start it off. Some drills, augers, wrenches, draw knife and ice saw and tongs. Drill press Some saws With hay bale lifter Cotton scale Forge blowers and small forge Cant hook Some...
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    Little River from Rope Mill Park

    I took the South Wind for a paddle on Little River Thursday afternoon. I put in at Rope Mill Park near Woodstock, Ga. The park is just upstream of Interstate 575 and just before the river flows into Lake Allatoona. The lake is full now and that raises the level of this part of the river. I...
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    The Confusing Country

    Australia is a very confusing place, taking up a large amount of the bottom half of the planet. It is recognisable from orbit because of many unusual features, including what at first looks like an enormous bite taken out of its southern edge; a wall of sheer cliffs which plunge deep into the...
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    Jack's Southern Appalachian adventure

    Jack is on his way back home now. We spent 5 nights camping in the north Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina mountains. Our first 2 nights were spent along Noontootla Creek in Georgia, where we both saw our first dusting of snow of the season. We then drove up along the Tellico River in...
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    I have been using this program for years to convert kilograms to pounds, meters to inches, grains to grams, furlongs to light years, etc. Thought y'all might be interested. It works good and is free. Doesn't work with Apple, only for Windoz and Linux/Unix...
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    Tallulah River, Georgia

    The Tallulah River and the Chattooga River both empty into Lake Tugaloo which is on the Georgia and South Carolina line. The movie Deliverence was filmed on the Chattooga. This section of the Tallulah through the gorge now only has water released into it a few days each year. The rest of the...
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    Northern Harrier (Marsh Hawk)

    I took these several years ago at the Poverty Point archaeological site in Louisiana. As I was walking through the woods, this hawk started flying from tree to tree just ahead of me. When I got to the edge of the woods, she landed...
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    My Touring Pirogue-T

    I'm real sorry that I missed the rendezvous today, but I did still have a bit of fun. I got my pirogue in the water for the first time. I still have a few things to do to it including putting the epoxy-graphite on the bottom. It is a great paddling boat though. It is built of 4 mm plywood with...
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    Filler for filets

    Has anyone used the milled fiber from Raka as a filler. Just wondered what your thoughts would be on it. "A dense very high strength powdered fiberglass filler of 1/32 inch. For high tensile strength putties and gap filling."
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    Fiberglass before assembly?

    I'm thinking about building a pirogue similar to Uncle John's, but with the bottom of the sides cut as in the "cheap canoe" for less rocker. The panel joints will be butt joints with fiberglass and maybe blocks. It will be glassed on both sides of the plywood. Has anybody tried applying...