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    Be prepared (stoves)

    My favorite camp stove is the Svea 123
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    rain and shine at grays creek

    I knew Piper was getting old, But is Joey growing old too?
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    Lady Bug

    Nice work Ronnie
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    Finished My Boat Pistol

    Nice work Ed Thats just what I've been thinking of
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    Pellet Panic What to do. HELP

    Here's a classified site you might find interesting
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    Yes I remember the bushwalking link
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    Dehydrated condensed soup

    Yes I think so too Jack especially with my no heat dehydrator. I've been eyeing a good one though such as this
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    Dehydrated condensed soup

    yep easier too just buy I think even in the low fat content of some soups that there would be some fats or oils that would hinder dehydration as a storable product. any thoughts?
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    Dehydrated condensed soup

    Actually what I was thinking has anyone dehydrated a can of Campbell's soup?
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    Dehydrated condensed soup

    Any soup Sparkey but especially some of the cream of soups
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    Dehydrated condensed soup

    Has anyone tried this?
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    Simple request for Jdupre'

    some interesting reading here on chiggers might work on the red bugs too
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    link for senior passes

    not for a few years Bob just thought it was a good thing for interested folks
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    link for senior passes
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    today's catch

    I like a hula popper ... stid=22120 or a zara spook ... m1&Go.x=18
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    today's catch

    That Jumbuck looks like what I call a Wiggle Wart What do you use for top water?
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    today's catch

    How about showin us a piccie of that hand tied black and white swagman jumbuck Oh and smoke plume reached the Ozarks today reportedly it drifted this way from Texas Qld. Smelled like Bacon
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    Question about stoves

    Here's one I always thought was interesting
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    I joined a parachute club!??

    Aren't the first jump suppose to be tandem? Any volunteers?