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    New River Pics

    We put in at the PBL near Bridal Creek, and take out at the Allisonia PBL, the start of Claytor lake (and miles of dead water). The Bridal Creek to Independence section sees Penitentiary Shoals, Mountain Island, and the Molly Osborne. After the Molly is a low water bridge that's gotta be run...
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    New River Pics

    The river is the New, located in NC, Va, and W.Va. Runs south to north. Rain a bit during the week, weather was cool, but comfortable making for easy paddling. As the volume was up, we were running at about 3 knots easy and making good time with little effort. Should you get tired of the heat...
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    New River Pics

    Last week's run on the New was great....a few pics Fishing at Fries 20 miles, and a rain storm later we put in at Foster Falls having run the upper staircase. The New is now 6 feet above normal, and cranking at 8k CFS. The Mill Race at Foster...seldom runnable at low water Tent City...
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    Tick removal

    tick spoon..... been using one for a number of years
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    Tying a Self Equalizing Anchor

    George, I'll be posting additional photos soon on how to use this with z drags, 3 to 1's and the single Mariner hauling system
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    Tying a Self Equalizing Anchor

    Need to unpin a boat on the river, or any time an off axis pull is required, a self equalizing anchor system is ideal. To begin, about 15 feet of static line will be required. The minimum diameter is 10.5mm. To tie this anchor is fairly simple, as everyone can tie this knot (a overhand, aka, a...
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    Finding Ooanoke...

    From Ralph Lane's journal (1584) he details his journey on the Chowanoac (now Chowan river). In his notes he mentions a village called the "blind Towne" called by the Chowanoacs, Ooanoke. For the most part these "Townes" were located on or near the rivers that flowed into Albermarle Sound...
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    Merchant Millpond, North Carolina

    No winter shots yet..still a newbee with the digital stuff. However, come winter, I plan to add shots from the Enchanted Forest at the far end of the Park..
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    Merchant Millpond, North Carolina

    A hidden jewel of a canoeing park in the Albemarle region of North Carolina, located in Gates County (36° 25' 52.75" N 76° 41' 52.15" W) The park's new ramp. No more mud in the boat. Nice! The Way In A Wall of Cypress Cypress Knees Blue Flags (Iris) The Path Ahead Sun...
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    What do you use for camping...... And Why.

    My basic mess kit...I don't do well on MRE's or the freeze dried stuff
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    The Voyageur...

    me summer job It'll be obvious .....however, the video flicker show won't work with dial up :(
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    The Voyageur...

    I can carry, paddle, walk or sing with any man ever I saw I have been 24 years a canoeman, and 41 years in the service Fifty songs were my day There is no portage too long for me I have saved the lives of ten voyageurs I have 12 wives, and six running dogs I have in pleasure spent all my...
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    Cameras - What do you use.

    for digital.....Nikon Coolpix 4300 However, when I get serious.....I like to play with one of these
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    The Voyageur...

    Rainy Lake......around a warming fire, voyageurs are heard softly singing En Roulant Ma Boulle as the day ebbs into voyageur (Kayak Jack :wink: ) steps forward, and sezs....... Je peux porter, barboter, marcher, ou chanter avec n'importe quel homme que j'ai a jamais vu Un...
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    Trench latrines, cat holes, WAG bags, or Poop Tubes.....

    yep, some of the rivers that we run require us to pack out our post processed meals......your thoughts on this subject???
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    Campfire Chatter ...... Stoves.

    (Here's hoping that I don't ire the company's new owners...) :( If ya be needing a windscreen for ye ole Zip, you'll find that a Turtle wax can will fit the stove like a glove. Remove the bottom, and cut a port in the side to feed the little beastie and ya'll be good to go... 8)
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    Campfire Chatter Footwear

    Hey KJ, I'm over in SW Virginia - will be guiding a wee bit this summer on the New.... Here's a link for those boots....
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    tied to yer boat????

    Tying oneself in on moving water is suicide. Consider being tied in when you bowman over compensates on a draw/cross draw stroke to dodge a pillow on a technical CII+ run, thus allowing the current to flip, and oilcan the boat....the thought of being dashed and bashed on rocks tied into a...
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    Camp fire Chatter The Camp fire

    I carry a small metal wash basin which is used as a firepit.....a layer of sand/dirt etc goes in the bottom, small rocks are lined on the inside around the perimeter. If need be, they can be bricked in with a little mud. Larger rocks are used to elevate the "firepit" to keep it off the ground...
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    Campfire Chatter ...... Stoves.

    Of all the stoves that I've used (MSR Whisperlites, MSR XKG, Primus Multifuel) the litttle Zip stove is my all around favorite....however, my suggestions to those good folks at Zip on how to improve this stove has been ignored :cry: which was to use a gyro, or a flywheel to run the fan...