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    Serious but Funny

    Glad these gentlemen are ok. Many lessons here for us geezers. It could have had a bad outcome. Funny though because it shows typical stereotyped "old" people behavior. Or. it might just be typical "people" behavior and funny because they were old enough to know better. I'm wondering what...
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    "FlyPly" Canoe

    A very different way of building. Very clean lines and lightweight. Not my kind of building but I like it.
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    It appears to me "farming"/gardening has evolved down a similar path as boat building. Cultivate ground with sticks and stones = dug out construction. " " " shovel and hoe = metal hand tools/plank construction. " " "...
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    picture posting

    I'm going to guess, if you are using a host site they probably discontinued your pictures. If you have the pictures in a folder on your computer you should be able to post from there, as long as they were not too large. The 800X600 sounds about right but I don't remember exactly. I hope...
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    Flip Tool cart and ripping cedar

    Nice looking shop. Moving the planner is a choir. I don't have room inside to plane, but the dual storage is a neat idea. So is having the grandson help. The cedar looks to be better than what I can find these days. What kind of boat are you thinking about.
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    Anchoring when fishing

    Not sure what technical size the chain was. I would describe it as logging chain size. If you know what weight anchor you need then use about that much weight chain. Mine was about 3' long. Worked well controlling drift on the lake while fishing in the wind. No drastic change in depth...
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    Anchoring when fishing

    I don't care for anchoring to fish. For me it seems more trouble than it is worth. I find fishing into the wind and/or current gives me better boat control. I usually can cast to a location a couple of times before drifting back. A paddle stroke or two and I'm back into position. A short...
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    A new pirogue project in Tallahassee

    Boat looks nice. It has simple and very clean lines, "After putting a coat on it looks like a much brighter peachy color than the dot on the can seemed to indicate." Now you know why it was returned. :rolleyes:
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    A new pirogue project in Tallahassee

    I can't help with color choices, I'm colored blind. Posting some pictures of your boat could help with suggestions from others. I would like to see it no matter what color . Latex paint has worked well for me and I use the mistake/returned bargain exterior most of the time. The "camo" paint I...
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    Waterproof Glue

    This is not the model glue in a bottle. When I did a search for polyurethane glues on their site the Heavy Duty Ultimate Construction Glue in the tube does not show. This could mean it is not, or it could mean they don't advertise it as such. On the link, under Product Features it states...
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    Would you text me your E-Mail address again. I can message you easier by email than on my...

    Would you text me your E-Mail address again. I can message you easier by email than on my antique phone. Thanks, J.D.
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    Waterproof Glue Advertised as 100% waterproof and works under water. Is this the same as "below the water line" rated? Some other glues are advertised as "waterproof" but not necessarily rated for use "below the water line".
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    Easy to Build Boat Plans I have not used any of these, but they look simple and many are free.
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    Chaland #2

    Seems "Gator Boats" are no more. I have their Crock (skiff), Bullfrog (strip build), and the john boat plans. If you had their pirogue, and/or the one man sneak boat (Gator) plans I would love to see them. Anybody?
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    Chaland #2

    If you are talking about setting the rocker. The first boat I built was a Gator Boats' skiff. Their build procedure was to install the chine logs to the floor, then support it upside down on 5 gal. buckets. The sides were then attached to the logs. When they were attached to the bottom it...
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    Chaland #2

    After several delays, including another snow/ice event the boat is finished.
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    A new pirogue project in Tallahassee

    Using one 8' piece of ply in the middle of the boat is a good way to do the bottom. It places the splices in areas of less stress and foot traffic. Less waste of a sheet of ply. A little more work making an extra splice. I don't do enough fiberglass to know if the tape on the inside and one...
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    A new pirogue project in Tallahassee

    9.5" for a pirogue seat seems high to me. The cushion idea is a starting point. If that works raise the seat in increments. Only your wife can determine what works. What is the maximum beam width for your 11" sides?
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    Another camo. option:
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    A new pirogue project in Tallahassee

    I forgot you were building with plans. Probably too late or more work for what it would be worth to you, but you could have used 2 splices and had them fall on the ribs. UJ builders should be able to advise you about what they did. If you are concerned with max. strength or need to fair the...