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    Kayak Jacks Power Bars...............

    They're bound to be good even without the extra fruit. More should be better, though. :) How 'bout those cherries? Are those usually found in the dried fruit section of the grocery? I haven't seen them. But then, I don't go down that aisle very often. I'm dangerous around food like...
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    Next question, new build, Fillet filler

    islandpiper, Things are much, much better than they were when you were here at Christmas. Still whacked-out, though. Appreciate the concern. Hey, when I was a youngster (in my 20's) a group of us made several trips down the Tangipahoa. It felt like great adventure. Loved that river...
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    Next question, new build, Fillet filler

    Sounds like a good idea. Gets the nod. :) I'd thought buying a box of tongue depressors (~$10) for mixing and using them also for tooling the radius on those inside fillets. I'll surely try the spoons. Shoot, might even be able to steal a couple outa the kitchen.
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    Hairies 'girl loaded for two.

    Mighty fine looking boat. Joe
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    Juniper springs and why the lady got ate.

    Nice pictures and beautiful natural scenery. In that first image, with the overhanging palmetto, it looks like a manicured garden. I'd love to see that. Just recently, a friend and I were recalling when we had free flowing artesian springs 'round here. But, that'll never happen again...
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    The Larkspur "stretched"

    WILCO. Just in thinking thru the process, I imagined it'd be easy to tear thru the plywood no matter what you used. Couldn't find them pliers? Locally, I guess they could be kinda rare. But, I was in a pawn shop a while back and there was a set of 3 sizes of Snap-on pliers in a fancy...
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    Black and Red Creek - Mississippi Rivers

    Chuck, Google Earth, just in the last week, has updated to some higher resolution imagery for parts of our area. Love it! I went upstream from where the Red Creek photo was taken and made this screenshot of a group of sandbars. Yes, there are plenty of them...
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    The Larkspur "stretched"

    Beautiful finished boat! I enjoyed reading thru the thread. I'm new to the details of stitch and glue building and when I saw the tie wraps used to hold the panels together, I thought that has to be the ticket. Are they taking the place of twisted wire on most projects? From my aviating...
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    Black and Red Creek - Mississippi Rivers

    Took a ride this afternoon looking for places to launch and retrieve. Traveled north out of Biloxi up hwy 15 to Red and then Black Creeks. Snapped a bunch of shots and a couple looked kinda nice. Could have edited them down further. Will next time. Each is a little over 200 kb. in size...