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    Benefits of Florida , Meeting new people.

    The benefits of living in Florida are numerous. Today I found one more to add to that very long list. To regress a minute..... Several weeks go I had a check up by my dermatologists Nurse practitioner. She found a spot on the very top of my head , took a biopsy and sent it off. A few days later...
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    Barrier Coat

    Epoxy and Graphite offers great bottom protection in one coat or two if you want. The other one I use is from Chesapeake Light Craft , the Interlux Brightsides Paint which has Teflon in it.
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    Barrier Coat

    From what I have read it's basically to stop any blistering of the gel coat on boats. One guy who rebuilt a sail boat used it and had this to say. " WEST SYSTEM epoxy worked equally well for finishing off the exterior of the hull. The interior got three coats of clear epoxy and then varnish...
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    G'day guys.

    Mick , It's not just your area the whole world is screwed up. For some reason I keep getting the feeling the inmates are running the insane asylum.
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    Pirogues in the lake

    Same problem around here with the lakes. We have gone one more step , those homeowners think they own the lake and act like idiots when out on it.
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    Tales from the Log of the Ruptured Duck

    If it sounds to good to be true , chances are it isn't. From what you said there is a Rat in the wood pile. I was thinking of making my mountain bike into a electric and decide against it. Figured the best thing to do was to get one that was designed , made and equipped for electric. Cost more...
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    Tales from the Log of the Ruptured Duck

    Jack , You will find a whole new world of biking with the pedal assist or just throttle. It's FUN and as far as I'm concerned , the only way to go. The best of all three worlds ..... Peddle , Peddle Assist and then just throttle. The part I'm going to enjoy is watching you kick your self in the...
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    A really great Everglades Video...........

    If you want to sit back and enjoy a video of our lands this is one of the best. This is of the Everglades and is the best presentation of that are I have seen. He covers the river of grass , Piney woods , Lilly pad filled backwaters and the Mangroves in the salt water portions. Makes me want to...
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    Drop in Middle seat for a Grumman G17

    Maybe your friend can make a drop i seat so you can have it to use when it's needed.
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    Drop in Middle seat for a Grumman G17

    Google "Drop in Canoe Seat " there are several different ones. Even one specifically for a Grumman Canoe.
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    I have been told by others ( Lots of them ) there is no way I'm Normal. All I can say is ..."What do they know ? " As far as normal I wounder do they count , Quiet walks in the mornings ? Wishing people a Happy Morning and offering a friendly smile . Bike rides when the weather is beautiful...
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    3 Ingredient Oat Bars. ( Oat Recipes link at bottom )

    This would be good for cold weather camping................. Ingredients * 3 cups (270 g) old fashioned oats * 1 cup (240 g) peanut butter 100% natural * 3/4 cup (255 g) honey * 1/2 tsp salt (if your PB is unsalted) Instructions * Line a 7" x 11" or 8" x 8" square cake pan with parchment...
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    pirogue refurb

    I just recieved a quart of Captains Spar Varnish from Jamestown Distrubators so I can re-varnish the rub rails on the Sasquatch Canoe.
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    Wood cost

    :eek: That's nut's. o_O
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    FEMAT Kayak

    This might help chase it down.
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    I'm with Jack but most of all , Be Safe Out There.
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    Wondering who is still alive!

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    Fire Starter for a Swiss Army Knife.....

    I Found something interesting , especially since I always have a Swiss Army Knife with me during the trips. If you carry a Swiss Army , Pocket , Knife with a Corkscrew , Tweezers ,and Toothpick. You it can include a fire starter and have it incorporated into the knife. The catch is that only...
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    Wondering who is still alive!

    I was thinking more along the line of Pickles , Sauerkraut , Okra , Eggs , Pigs Feet. You know all the tasty items , Scotch was the furthest thing in those thoughts. LOL.
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    Wondering who is still alive!

    You sure the only thing that was pickled was the baloney ????