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    christmas gifts

    Here are a few of the pens I turned this year for christmas gifts for one of the guys I work with. These are from scraps left over from the hardwood we used on the different planes this year. From left to right --- mahogany, birds eye maple, walnut, soft maple with mahogany strip, and 2 from...
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    Saturday afternoon action

    After getting off work saturday afternoon, I put the boat in the water to see if I could catch a few trout or reds. I couldn't get either one to bite but the next best thing was very hungry and cooperative. Whiting. I was able to put 12 in the boat before I ran out of sunlight. Wish I could...
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    Saturday afternoon on the water

    Yesterday after work, the weather was cooperating around here except for some wind, I decided to go pick up the crab trap I had set earlier in the week. Got on the water about 3:30pm at dead low tide. Paddled to where I had dropped my trap and low and behold the bounty of the sea, or at least...
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    1st trip with slime!

    On Sunday July 12, I put in at the Lazaretto Creek boat ramp, next to tybee island, ga, for a quick morning fishing trip. Was on the water before the sun came up. Here is a pic of the paddle I made. Turned out to be alittle over 5 miles in total length. The best thing was I finally put...
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    New wallyworld paddle

    After reading about others who made up their own double paddle, I decided to do the same. I had taken my boat out a couple of times using only a single paddle and found that I was tacking more like a sail boat instead of tracking in a straight line. Below you will see my two paddles I used to...
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    New build - first build

    After finally getting more than one or two hours of clear weather, I jumped in with both feet and started the build of 2 UJ pirogues, one for myself and one for my 13 year old son. I am a cabinet builder by trade, currently working for a company which builds custom cabinets for luxury jet...