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    A Bayou Dorcheat Pirogue

    Oh!! Ohh! (Jumping up and down here! Waving my hand in the air! OMG! I wet my pants in excitement! “The square stern! The square stern! Right, grampa?” some o’ you guys don’t know that JD is my grampa. On my shelf here in my living room, is a kayak that he made me. I’m proud of my grampa!
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    Tales from the Log of the Ruptured Duck

    I aced the knowledge test today. Setting up a skills test on Friday. Very convoluted procedures. Very involved. A Manufacturer can make 500-600 bikes in the time it takes to worm your way through this procedure.
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    No Plans SS&G, No Plans, 3rd Try

    Good looking boots, Andy. Oh! And the boat is a charmer too.
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    One Hell of a Portable Blender.

    Reminds me of Lucy’s Vita-meata-vegamin stuff. She was doing the ad testimonial for the product. The product had alcohol in it. They director kept ordering retakes. Lucy kept sipping the product for each retake. You can imagine the zany Lucy and alcohol combination!
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    Tales from the Log of the Ruptured Duck

    Well, this morning I go to a Secretary of State office to tale a written test of motorcycle safety. If I pass that, then I’ll schedule a skills test for Friday. Much more complicated routine than I’ve ever encountered before.
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    A Bayou Dorcheat Pirogue

    That’s a pretty boat, JD.
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    The Local and National News.

    The foregoing political announcement is from the, And So It Goes Department.
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    Tales from the Log of the Ruptured Duck

    Thanks for the info.
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    Tales from the Log of the Ruptured Duck

    The luggage rack (Honda original equipment model) is coming in. It’s a small one. Looks to be about 6”X8”? I’ll bolt on a piece of plywood to load and lash to. Plus, I’ll rig ability to carry at least two light weight items onto that front fairing. Can probably get 3 or four light weight...
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    Dog Hunting

    I was raised by a Beagle. (To be truthful, Mom and Dad taught me a few things, but Tippy had the lead position.) She had some rat terrier in her too, so she had some brains. She’s been gone a bit over 67 years now. I still have her picture, and still miss her. “Oh, God. Please make me as...
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    Tales from the Log of the Ruptured Duck

    Good on you, Chuck I quit riding motorcycles probably 40 years ago. But this little squirt opens up some warm possibilities. I sat beside it yesterday for 3 hours, pouring through the owner’s manual. I understand everything mechanical on it. But the smart key is more complicated to use than...
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    Tales from the Log of the Ruptured Duck

    Thanks, Chuck. when you get it, let us know. You can tow your little camp trailer with it. I started riding motor bikes (Whizzer) 70 years ago. Rode them a couple of years and got a car. 60 years ago I rode the Honda 50cc that became the Cub, and then Super Cub. Along the way was a Suzuki...
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    Tales from the Log of the Ruptured Duck

    BEGINNING OF ANOTHER NEW JOURNEY Yesterday, I bought a new motorcycle. It’s a smaller one, a Honda Super Cub 125. Sixty years ago, I had its great granddad, the original Honda 50 cc. I don’t recall if it had a model name at that time -1961. It was just called the Honda go ju. Go ju is...
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    Gator Skiff

    Kind of a clumsy project, moving a fishing boat into and through a house. I’ll bet that Mom was scurrying along ahead, setting vases etc well back out of the way. I’d take it as a compliment. The young guy obviously loves that boat. Does he have a dog too? A boat, a dog, and a bike - what...
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    LA weather

    We outlawed’em in Michigan. Instead, we practice up for October Fests. More funner. The headaches can be worse, but the fun part is funner.
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    Forbes Breaking News .

    We probably should leave this behind, and go back to boats. sigh
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    Forbes Breaking News .

    Thanks, Mike. We may want to specify your “replaced by a non-democrat” comment to read Republican. There may be a Marxist candisate by then?
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    SS&G No Plans Again!

    I can’t see the woodlines that you say go cattywhumpus, so I dub it “The Swan”.
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    Forbes Breaking News .

    Failure looks like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Inept, and uncaring.