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    Toy canoe / boat /paddle whittling

    Been wanting to build a pirogue but this is the closest I've gotten so far. lol . Out here on this platform, the only wood I can scrap up is pallet material and broom handles. I whittled out a canoe from a broom handle and a flatbottom boat from a piece of pallet wood. Made two small paddles for...
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    Fishing and driftwood

    Made a fishing trip this morning. I was foggy and humid. Caught these two. One on a fluke and the other dragging a worm on bottom around cypress trees. Lake is way down right now and I'm an addict to driftwood. So I loaded the boat up with driftwood and one cypress that has been under the water...
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    Recent work

    Been busy since I been home. Been off for 10 days now and getting ready to head back to work for 14 days. Heres some paddles and burns I've made since I've been home. The small paddle is made out of some pine I had laying around. The other three are all cypress one piece paddles. Had problems...
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    Finding wood

    Where do ya'll get wood from used to make your paddles ? I'm wanting to make a kayak paddle from cypress and do some art on it. I'm not wanting to buy a whole trailer full just looking for a few boards. Thanks
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    Intro from Louisiana

    Just got signed up here. Been looking around for a couple of days and realized that I needed to be here. Lots of really talented folks doing fine work. I live in Ville Platte,LA. Just a plain ole fella from the woods. I do the normal hunt, fish, etc. I train labs for duck hunting and collect...