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    Small Strip Canoe Plans?

    I have a friend that is wanting a 6-7 foot cedar strip canoe. He has a large landscaped pond in his back yard and wants a small canoe built to put water plants in. He also wants to create some sort of bulk head in it to allow the plants to be watered from the pond. Anyone have any ideas? A...
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    Costa Rica Tarpon Fishing

    So today I went fishing. Hook up time! 80 Pounds, caught on a fly, 30 pound test, took an hour and a half to land. Times that baby by 5 for today's total catch. It has been a phenomenal trip this time I sure hate to head home tomorrow. qp
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    Been tying jigs all winter.

    Start tying Tarpon flies next week for Costa Rica. I thought some of you might enjoy seeing a few Crappie Jigs. :D Coyote Wild Tail Orange Hot Shot Rainbow Tiger Fatso Weedless Warrior a recent Spinner bait Pink Dragon And a few of my Road Runners.
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    Tioga Falls

    Back in late April I decided to take a day hike and see Tioga Falls. Located, on the Fort Knox compound near Ft Knox KY, which is open to the simple people like myself, to enjoy. Even in the pouring rain it was a trip worthy of a visit and I’m planning to return to capture the Fall colors...
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    Yessiree, took a little fishing trip this week.

    The bite was decent, landing them on the other hand was a wee bit more of a challenge. Fun nonetheless. Back in a side creek the salmo nwere running. qp
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    Blackwater River

    My wifes first canoe trip, and she be hooked :wink: Don't have to talk much about it as the slideshow says it all. Enjoy qp
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    Bon Secour Wetlands Hike

    Had a great week in southern AL last week. One day I took a hike through the Bon Secour Wetlands near Gulf Shores. Pic 1 This was a grand place to hike and had the entire area to myself. Wildlife consisted of birds. he/she is kind a hidden in the shot above. Here's a better...
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    Wolf Creek

    Took a little fishing trip this last weekend. Fantastic fishing caught walleyes and rainbow trout. We ate fish till we couldn't eat any more. Wolf Creek is just below the dam of Cumberland Lake in Kentucky. Here are a few shots I thought I would share. Foggy morning river paddle...
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    Quetico 2007

    Last Sept a very good friend of mine and I took a reunion trip to Quetico. I thought I'd post four parts in order of Day 1. Hope you enjoy, sorry to do this to ya dailuppers. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3...
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    Wilderness Passages article online for veiwing

    Since I'm about to release my second issue I've put up a great story I thought some of you might enjoy from the first issue. thanks qp
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    Maps Links

    Wasn't quite sure where to post this but felt it was a great link that several of you would use. qp
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    Buffalo River INFO Request

    I'm considering a spring paddle on the Buffalo River in AR. Just wondering if any of you know anything about it? Looks loke about 100 miles long I'm wondering how long it will take to paddle the entire lenght? ... onal+River Thanks qp
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    Sept 7th 2007 Quetico Park

    I'm so ready to go back. qp P.S. Sorry dial up users.
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    Wilderness Puzzle

    I started with my first one last week and I'll be posting one each Sunday except for time I'm spending in Quetico this fall. Future puzles will be at Posted on Sundays qp
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    Boundary Waters, Quetico, wilderness travel discussion board
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    Quetico Trip 06

    This was by far the best trip into the woods I've had in Quetico in the 19 years I been going. Started with planning almost a year in advance with 9 other friends I met online. Enjoy At Scotty’s on Crane Lake we start loading the packs on the dock and soon put them in the Jet...
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    Old Canoe Plans Advise

    Hey everyone It's been a long time since my last visit. I see I have a ton of reading to catch up on. I'm in the need of some canoe building advise, hopping I might find it here. Back about 20 years ago I bought 3 boards. Yellow poplar they are 18 to 24 inches wide 5/4 thick and all are...
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    2004 Quetico Trip Report

    Along about Christmas time 2003 I was sitting in my Quetico room checking the boards and chatting and thinking about the up and coming new year. Hoping that it held a Quetico trip within its bounds. The last few months in talking with friends on the CCBB I found a friend that he as well as I...