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    Time to make shavings again.

    It's been years since I built a boat. And about two years since I built anything really. But, i'm feeling the urge to build a skin on frame yak. At this point I want to build a PBK 57. But, as a first build of this style I may settle for a PBK 10. It will cost a bit less, and will be easier...
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    Free gift for a Uncle John builder

    I was rooting around in the shed, looking for some things before the storm gets here and found a pair of hard heart pine stems for a UJ pirogue. I'd happily gift these to one of you all on the condition that you actually use them...for just the price of postage. I've built 3-4 UJ's , great...
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    Canaling my roots

    After some discomfort on and off for a couple of years and some badly done dental repairs by someone claiming to be a dentist, i turned out today and had the ENDODONTIST do a re-treatment of an old root canal today. It was a more or less straight forward job, only two roots, working through...
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    Just in case anyone was wondering some of us are getting older. We may act younger from time to time. But theres still lots of moaning and groaning. Jack has not aged. I have. Several other's have too. Way more problems falling outside of the warranty protections. (What were we...
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    Lots of stove info

    Kayak Jack will enjoy this, as will many other readers i'm sure: I've been a signed in member for a while. Lots of the regulars are ferriners but they still seem like a nice bunch. piper
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    I just got back from a trip into the North country, visiting our son and his wife and then more family on the way home. In a little antique place right on the Mississippi up there where your grandma could throw a rock across it I found a Coleman 426D, one of their white gas camp stoves...
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    New Air rifle

    After lots of waiting, thinking, coffee, reading and study i finally let myself buy a new air rifle. Yup, already had "plenty" but this time around I wanted a NITRO RAM version. No main spring, just a nitro-ram kind of like what you see in the rear deck of a hatchback car. They seem to run...
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    Oogruk Flippers

    From an old Eskimo friend: Oogruk Flippers 1 small oogruk fresh blubber Cut the flippers off from the oogruk. Put the flippers in fresh blubber. Let them stay there for about two weeks. Take the loose fur off the flipper. Cut flipper...
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    I have been looking at the coiled up wire saws in the camping depts of some stores and bought one today. Not too expensive really, just a spring steel wire with a spiral groove cut into it. So, at home i thought I'd try it on a downed branch in the yard. Slung it under and off to the...
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    Where to eat dinner?

    A group of 15 year old boys discussed where they should meet for dinner. It was agreed they would meet at the McDonald's next to Captain Jack's Seafood Grille because they only had six dollars among them, they could ride their bikes there and Jennie Webster, that cute girl in Social Studies...
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    Roto-rooter again

    Just amongst us geezers, my roto-rooter exam was monday. For those of you who figure i am full of crap, you would have been way wrong Sunday PM and Monday AM. Anyway, one polyp, down from the three the last time. Crop failure i guess. Waiting for the inevitable biopsy results. For any...
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    Emergency Survival Kits

    Is this an opportune time to talk about survival kits? Anyone else interested? I'll lay mine all out and post some pics, it all fits into a can for boiling water, has some food, meds, blades, etc. Nothing serious, just something to fool with and see what best fits in the can, and might...
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    Safety or Common Sense First?

    I'm shocked and saddened by this. I wonder if there is more to the story than we are being told . And, was he wearing a PFD? piper Illinois kayaker drowns after being attacked by swan Published April 16, 2012 NewsCore An Illinois man drowned in a pond after falling off his kayak when a...
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    Bacon Planner

    Just in case you need help figuring out the best times to use bacon in the menu:
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    S O S .......ya, go ahead and click on it

    Here's an excerpt from KITCHEN STORIES FROM THE IRON LAKE FISHING CLUB (available on Amazon). Personally, I like this one, it brings to mind a lot of old Veterans I'v known. Four years ago tonight I was sitting with my family, the night before my Dad's funeral. We buried him on his 89th...
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    The SMOKIN BLUES AND BBQ FEST is in Hammond this weekend. I am cooking, but not competing, so I'm cooking ahead. Here is a little bit of pork on my Smoker. In fact, it is six Boston Butts, totaling SIXTY POUNDS OF MEAT. I gave them a good spicy dry rub and they will spend the night in...
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    Bought a great new stove

    I just bought this from St. Paul Mercantile via Amazon. They are a real good "family" operation, you'll never get shuffled off to their robot phone desk. Fast service and they KNOW THEIR PRODUCTS!! It was affordable, just $35 for a real stove....well, here's the review i wrote there...
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    Hey all, need a wee favor

    We're headed on the fast track (finally) to get KITCHEN STORIES From The Iron Lake Fishing Club in to the printer. I now have a Preview Page up with a survey attached. I wonder if you can take a minute, read the sample and the description and then fill in the survey? Thanks!! Piper...
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    ONE soup

    Good winter or summer, at home or out at camp: One chicken back , saved out of a whole chicken, or one leg-quarter One potato, washed, not peeled , cut into 1/2" cubes One stalk of celery, chopped One large carrot, scraped and chopped One onion, peeled and chopped One can of diced tomatoes...
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    This is not about safety.....this is about control of the peons, i.e., you and i: ... ce-safety/