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    Cracked at the Gunnels

    Okay I finally have made some headway into this boat, but ran into a major problem. I went out this morning and the scarf joint completely failed on the starboard gunnel. What to do now? I scarfed this with epoxy/powdered limestone. Was it the limestone mixture, or was it that too much stuff...
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    Cutting bevels with a skil saw

    I'm building a hard chinned boat. Do you have any advice for cutting bevels with a Skil saw only? Maybe a jig of some kind?
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    Matching sides

    What do you guys do to insure that the sides or other panels match exactly? It seems no matter how carefully I cut something. They never match up.
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    Epoxy/glass first, cut later?

    I was thinking wouldn't it be easier to glass and epoxy the plywood first then cut afterward? That way everything has epoxy and fiberglass on it.
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    Clear lumber for gunnels?

    Is it necessary to have clear lumber for gunnels and hard chine logs? Is there a disadvantage to use simple 1x whiteboard found at Home Depot or Lowes?
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    Emergency Floatation

    Do you guys build with emergency flotation? I'm getting ready to build a jon boat, more of a deckless barge. How do you determine how much flotation you need? Do you use empty enclosed spaces or fill it with foam or what?
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    Three-ply Lauan

    I visited Home Depot today. I noticed that their lauan now has three plies as opposed to on the single thick layer with super thin veneer. Has anyone else used this? It seems like a big upgrade from the old style lauan.
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    Linseed Oil and Plywood

    Is linseed oil of any use on plywood like 1/4 luaun or BC pine? Just how far will it penetrate?
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    Johnny Punt

    Okay, here's my idea for a jon/punt boat. The idea was to build a jon boat with no curves or bends. This boat is for me, river fishing at night for crappie using fishing lights. Stability and storage space are more important than anything else for me. I plan to power it with a five to 10 hp...
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    Roll Tide. Period.

    Here's a true story for you: The Tide Rolled last night. Florida was dismantled from beginning to end. Tebow is a good player, and I'm interested to see where he ends up in the NFL. He's more of a tight end or running back than a quarterback.
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    Limestone for filler?

    I have a bunch of dolomite limestone that I use in my garden as fertilizer. Since it's pulverized stone couldn't it be used as a filler material? It might not be easy to sand down, but I bet it's strong! I also have plenty of cottonseed meal, gypsum (lime with sulfer) and bone meal. Could any of...
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    Stratch Built Jon Boat

    Okay, so, I've been wanting to build another boat for a while now. I've went down to Academy and took some measurements of a 15 foot Alumicraft jonboat: 41 inch bottom 19 inch sides 15 3/4 inch transom 59 inch beam 38 1/4 inch bow I'm guessing the flare of makes for the difference between the...
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    transome thickness

    I want thickness should a transom be for a 34lbs thrust trolling motor?
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    Trolling Motor Mount

    Do any of you have any tips or pictures of how to mount a trolling motor onto a pirogue?
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    Hard Chines and Gunnels

    Home Depot has 1x2 and 1x3 which I could use for chines and gunnels. They're available in poplar, oak, and cedar and pine. Which of these would be easiest for work with in terms of bending and strength?
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    I went to Lowe's earlier this week. They had 1/4 inch hardwood plywood -- three layers of oak. Would this be good for a canoe hull?
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    The bow angle thing

    I don't know what it's called, but on my UJ Pirogues he mentions 45 degree cut for the bow and stern. I know that an UJ style pirogue the flare and rocker are basically determined by the angle of the bow/stern. I'm trying to build an outrigger canoe with zero rocker and zero no flare. Is there...
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    Filler Alternatives

    Can you use wheat flour from the grocery store as a filler? What other cheap, locally available fillers can be used?
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    How do you figure out the capacity of your boat? I want build a flat-bottomed, zero rocker, zero flare outrigger canoe for mostly running up and down the river with a trolling motor. I'm thinking 21 or 22 inch beam, 16 feet length, with an eight foot outrigger off the port side. The trolling...
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    night time

    Have any of you fish at night in a pirogue? I want to do some night fishing. I'm mostly worried about stability and falling into cold deep water in the dark .