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    Fishing in South Carolina

    Finally got my Pirogue down to Hunting Island for some fishing. Only managed a couple of trout the first day. I went out with Paddlin4reds and some of his gang for some Cobia fishing. This was a true test for the "outcast"! It did great but I had problems with my anchor trolley when the current...
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    Is a Pirogue good for fishing?

    You bet! When I first started my Pirogue project I was unsure what to expect. I heard they were for skinny water only and were not very stable. I have been in some big water this spring and a more stable boat would have been more comfortable but have never felt like I was going to flip. My next...
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    Hunting Island SC

    Here are some pics from my last camping trip. The last one makes me proud :lol: Brian
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    Lake Blackshear

    I took the "Outcast" out for a little fishing today. This was my first trip in a large lake, been fishing in small lakes/ponds. I had no problems but I sure was surprised when I paddled up to a BIG gator. I just keep moving and let him have his space. It was a slow day but I managed to catch a...
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    The "sweetwater"

    Finally got her done! This is an Uncle John kit with five ribs. I made the middle rib wider than what comes with the kit then duplicated the original middle rib. She is over 15' long and 36" wide :lol:
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    A day I will remember

    Today was a good day for me :D I finally got the outcast in the water! The boat far exceeds my expectations. I will have to say I have only paddled a boat a couple of times and was a little worried about the stability but it is solid as can be in the water. Now I know the feeling of paddling a...
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    Hunting Island

    Going camping this weekend :D Heading to Hunting Island S.C. 8) Not taking the Pirouge on this trip but plan on doing my best to catch some fish! Hope to have a good report when I get back.
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    New Reel

    Picked up an Abu Garcia Revo "Inshore" a few weeks ago. Played with it in the yard today and love it! Best casting bait-caster I have ever owned. If you are in the market for a new reel have a look at the Revo line 8) Brian
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    How long to wait.

    Just about ready to Varnish :D How long do you guys wait after the last epoxy coat? I think Old Sparky waits three weeks how about the rest of you? Thanks, Brian
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    Trolling mounts

    Hey all, I am building an Uncle Johns Pirogue with decks. I would like to add some trolling mounts but not sure where to put them. I was thinking of putting some flush mount rod holders on the deck behind the seat but not sure if that would be the best spot. Where do you guys normally put...
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    Thank you!

    Just wanted to thank everyone for all the helpful tips in these forums and tell you a little about my build. I went on a fishing trip to Hunting Island South Carolina in Nov. While doing some research on fishing in the area I came across a kayak forum. Turned out there was a kayak fishing...