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    Interesting visitor

    I had a visitor in my front yard not long after we moved here. I went outside and it was not afraid of me, but it did not seem aggressive either. Since there are officially no wolves in Arkansas, I emailed these pictures to the game and fish commision, and asked them what it was. (I knew what it...
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    How NOT to crank a chainsaw!

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    Relative hardness of poly versus epoxy resin

    I'm curious if anyone has any specs on the relative hardness of epoxy versus poly. I did a very unscientific test today on the Swamp Girl I built this past spring, and my bass boat. (which I assume is made with poly resin) I scratched the Swamp Girl with my trusty Uncle Henry in an...
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    Colorado River, below Hoover Dam

    I decided to take a day off from my boat building and take a little river trip. This is the Black Canyon area of the Colorado, from the dam down to Willow Beach. We put in at Willow Beach about 7:00 AM. It was already 93 degrees then. We took out about 11:30, it was 109 degrees then. By the...
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    Nevada Petraglyphs

    I took a hike in the mountains above Laughlin Nevada a few days ago and took these pictures. The petraglyphs cover both sides of the entrance of a canyon. These people spent a lot of time doing all of this art a long time ago.
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    Sources of plywood

    I am getting ready to start building two electric pirogues for me and my wife. These are boats we will use for many years, and I want to use quality plywood. I am finishing up a Swamp Girl using 5.2 mm Chinese plywood from Lowe's. I really don't want to use this for these two boats, but I am...
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    Arizona desert photos

    I thought I would share a few photos of the things I see every day in my job. I spend most of my time in pretty remote areas in the desert. I always have my camera handy. Lunchtime. This osprey is having fish again. I was at one of my well houses in a pretty remote area when...
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    Planning new powered pirogue

    Greetings. I have just joined the group after spending a few days reading most of the old posts. There is obviously a lot of knowledge and experience here, and I don't mind asking for advice. I am planning to build a trolling motor powered pirogue. I am not just going to clamp a motor to the...