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    Just fooling around

    Hope no one recognizes this driver.... Grandchildren grow up so fast....... Don't mess with Mumzie!...... Paddling on the Suwannee River...... Dirty Dog..... :roll: :roll: :lol:
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    Grandson's new paddle

    My grandson finally had an opportunity to paddle with me at Fort Mountain Park a few weeks back and said his old paddle was too small for him now. He also liked the idea of a bamboo handle so back to the workshop I went. Had to make it personal for him as well....... I took some bamboo...
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    Fontana Lake 4th of July Week

    I must be getting close to being a "Geezer" as we camped for almost a whole week and never broke camp, a new first for us. We found Cable Cove Campground on Lake Fontana, NC and while our plan was to camp a few nights and then move, we opted to stay put. A very wise and relaxing choice. We did...
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    Suwannee River Apr 2010

    Friday we met up in Whitesprings, Fla. around 2 pm. ACA outfitters has moved from downtown back out to Wendels house where they originally started and now have a campground behind the house. His prices have increased as well as charging for parking, so for just the four of us it was a little...
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    Zebra Wood in a paddle

    I received some small boards of Zebra Wood from my nephew in Texas and decided to piece some into a paddle blade. Came out nice I think. Here's the whole paddle
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    Just another Paddle

    Been paddling with my homemade paddles and was wondering if a larger blade would make a big difference. I had some spare time on my hands and a brand new 6 by 48 inch sander I haven't used so I took a couple of day and put this together. One more coat of epoxy and then 3 coats of spar varnish...
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    Florida Caverns State Park, Marianna Florida Apr 2009

    This past weekend we went to Florida Caverns State Park in Marianna Florida. We paddled on the Chipola on Friday and Saturday. The river had been flooded for the past few weeks but was dropping fast and at a good level (around 10 feet) for paddling although it was quite muddy. The park is great...
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    Still no boat but plenty of these

    I still haven't built a boat but got busy making more paddles. These are just the two I made in the last few weeks. Paddle I just completed for a friends Grandson My first paddle made from Ash. Beavertail Blade. Don't think I'll have to worry about being up the creek without one of...
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    Oak veneer paneling

    Has anyone tried the Oak veneer 5.2 mm paneling they carry at Lowes or Home Depot? I guess it would be slightly heavier but it looks as though it would make a great looking boat. I'm getting the itch to try my hand but don't really care for the looks of the butt splice in the middle of the boat...
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    Edisto Nov 08 Long Report.

    With predictions of heavy thunderstorms for the weekend I was afraid most of the group would cancel but I was pleasantly surprised. Seventeen people comprised our group Friday night with only three cancellations and those not due to predicted weather. Joy and I arrived around 11 am and set...
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    St. Mary's River Sep 2008

    It was shaping up to be another great weekend. A small group of us had planned on spending three days and two nights on the St Mary's River and everything was looking right. The plan was to meet at St Mary's Fish Camp at 3 pm on Friday and everyone was right on time. I had stopped for my...
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    Paddling the St Mary's River in GA 8 Aug 08

    Friday the 8th we met up at St Mary's Fish Camp just outside of Folkston, Ga for a weekend of camping on the St. Mary's River. At 3 pm the crew of 3 men and one dog, Jay, Steve, myself and Westbury, comprised the whole group for this weekend. As it was raining quite hard we waiting for a break...
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    Boat design

    Has anyone on the forum built and or paddled a Rob Roy? I really like the size and looks of the ones I have seen plans for but really don't want to be limited to sitting on the floor and using a kayak paddle. I have seen pictures of the built boat with a small raised seat in one but can't seem...
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    I am looking for suggestions on the brand of epoxy to use on a boat. I am still trying to settle on a design but when I do I want to get everything on hand to finish the boat and not have to wait on orders to come in. Don't want to stir up anything, just looking for what you're using and have...
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    Paddle on the Ogeechee 27 July

    Rain chances were forecast at 50 percent with scattered thunderstorm due all day so what do we do, we schedule a paddle. We ain’t scared of no rain or storms. I met up with Nancy T. at Morgan’s bridge and was just starting to pull out when a young man I knew drove up with his son and three...
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    Nuff Said!

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    Cherry Beavertail Paddle Build

    Last week I paddled with a group on the Ogeechee and one of the paddlers had a handcrafted paddle with a cherry blade. After a few questions and a good lookover of the paddle the seed was set. I just happened to have a few scraps of flooring that a friend had given me just waiting on a project...
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    Ogeechee River Picture Trip Report.

    Sparkey lifting no more than one Braut at a time. Doctor's orders followed to a "T"! :lol: Oldyaker and Swampy follow suit even though they weren't on doctor's orders. :roll: :lol: Roughing it in Ft. McAlister, Richmond Hill, Georgia. Put in at the Steel Bridge on Hwy...
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    Interesting Canoe Seat

    Found some pics of a very interesting Folding Canoe Seat. Anyone seen one, own one, or have information about? This would make a very good project to a weekend or two. Interesting Canoe seat Folds down
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    Chattooga River Apr 08 Long Report.....

    It’s always been my contention that if you listen to weather reports, you will never go anywhere as they are always bad. For once I broke with my tradition of go and see and am grateful that I did. We had planned a trip to the Buffalo River in Northern Arkansas for over two months and had...