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    Recent pictures of my 2007 UJ's Pirogue

    Been a while since I been on the forum so I thought I would show a few recent pictures. Rocky Creek, Florida Withlacoochee River I need to take some more pictures! :?
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    Hey it floats!

    Took the "Pee Ro" out for the first time this morning and I didn't sink!:D No seriously the boat did great and paddle just fine. I took it to Juniper Run and paddle down stream about a mile or so and then turned around. Of course go down stream was a breeze and coming back wasn't to bad...
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    My UJ Pirogue is done! UPDATED with on the water shots

    Finished my UJ Pirogue 7-24-07 and it took me about about 9 days to complete it. Will take it out in a couple of days for a spin... The boat weighs 50lbs and is 15'4" on top.
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    Graphite powder to Epoxy mixing ratio?

    I am going to be doing the black bottom on my boat and can't remember what RAKA said the ration mix was for the graphite to epoxy. Anyone know?
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    Fiberglass is what?

    Alright fellas I have put the fiberglass down on the bottom of my Pirogue and it looks great. I will be doing the inside tomorrow... Do I need to lightly sand the bottom and add another coat of epoxy? I have just enough epoxy to do the inside and maybe a coat on the outside. I'm gonna end...
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    Broke Center Rib! Help

    I was attaching my rub rails this morning and had already screwed one into place and was clamping up the other side when I heard....CRACK! :shock: The opposite side of the center rib broke off. I had a gusset on one side of the rib but the cypress itself looked as if it just split. So I'm...
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    Things are coming together! **FINISHED** Lots of pics

    Well tomorrow I will be assembling the side to the end stems and the shape of the boat will begin. I have finished all my Butt Joints and they look pretty good and the plexi glass trick worked excellent! I have a few pictures and will post them soon... Hopefully the butt joint won't crack...
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    First Question...Staggered Side Joints?

    I put my order in RAKA this morning so I have to wait for the epoxy. But I went ahead and put the ribs together and also ripped the Luan into sections. Everything went fine until I laid the side section on the floor to make sure they lined up. The sides are perfect except where the butt joint...
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    Another Pirogue builder here!

    Finally got my membership activated and not a moment to soon. I order my first boat building kit from UJ's yesterday and started making the chair/seat for it last night. Been reading all the postings I can about building the thing and it is a bit overwhelming but I think I can tackle it...