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    laminating 4mm ply - for strength

    OK I've recently discovered that I can bend 4mm ply, now I now that doesn't come as a surprise to some but I was surprised. A little heat and gentle persuasion allows some fairly tight curves. Now my problem is 4mm is still not very strong so I need to bend a few pieces and stick them...
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    anchor trolleys

    I intend to have the option to use an anchor on the south wind I'm building. I am thinking that I'll put a stainless hoop at each end and run a line in a loop between them. I'd really like to use pulleys at each end but can't find anything small enough. Which side and what's the recommended...
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    rod holders

    Can someone explain the practical difference between the Cabela's rod holders 360 HT and the quick draw. I'm going to mount a couple on my Southwind but not sure which to get. thanks, Tor
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    wire/plastic and spacers

    I'm about to embark on my next project and this one is serious... :roll: stitching plastic - big holes copper - little holes won't matter if you miss one - pricey? galv wire - little holes - need to make sure you remove all of them spacers allow space for the epoxy to go prevents wood on...
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    I can't find a tent....

    or more to the point I can't find one I don't want to modify :twisted: so before I launch into trying to modify a tent does anyone know of one that may suit?? Ok how do I camp? Car and trailer 3 young kids 2 adults (we don't like the idea of separate tents for another 4-5 years) I like...
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    Ripstop Nylon

    The other day whilst aimlessly looking for bargains at a local camping/outdoor store we came across a new range of tents in a heavy weight ripstop nylon. My good lady touched it and immediately said "that's what we need" Trouble is she wasn't talking about the tent, we want to design a...
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    My first boat

    Just want to share, the only bragging here is it floats and I learned a lot. needs a bit more weight up front... but comes with cup holders and seems to move well Now there's a space in the shed for another project... :twisted: Tor
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    Selway Fisher Canoes

    Anyone any experience with Selway Fisher designed canoes? They're based in the UK I've been eyeing this one up... and Mrs Tor fancies "the Peterborough" Tor