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    Fly Fishing Mountain Home, AR... Wading not paddling!

    Nope, I wasn't paddling my pirogue... but I'm having a heck of a good time! I fished the Norfork River today from 9:00 AM till 11:00 AM by the Norfork Dam. I was using a #18 zebra midge on my Winston 8'-6" - 4 weight. Tons of fishermen... much pressure. I did manage to find a nice spot...
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    My photos from the Ponchatoula Rendezvous

    The Ponchatoula Rendezvous was awesome! It was great to put faces with the names from the site. How was the food? The food was fantastic! I attached below the few photos I took between bites of Keith's incredible ribs. Thanks Keith (Islandpiper) for hosting the event! Although...
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    The perfect afternoon!

    Friday afternoon I took a ride to Franklin, Louisiana to visit my dear friend Roger Emile Stouff. Roger has been a journalist for 25 years and author of the award-winning column "From the Other Side" in the St. Mary and Franklin Banner-Tribune. Roger is also an accomplished author who has...
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    Handel's Messiah for the hearing impaired!

    Your gonna love this! Hunt for the one with the choir at the top of the page. (YouTube). ... /#comments
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    Sit-on-top Kayak

    So, has anyone built a sit-on-top kayak? I'm starting to get the itch! Uncle Larry
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    Far and Away!

    Today is the premiere of a new e-zine, a sort of electronic journal of outdoors prose and imagery. "Far & Away" debuts New Year's Day, 2008 with a small issue of outdoors stories and images that the creators believe will grow and become a venue for writers and artists alike. The online mag...
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    fly fishing

    The cats were caught on the fly... I only fly fish. Here's another shot of one of the cats:
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    fly fishing

    I would purchase an 8’ to 9’ rod in a 4 to 6 wt range. Make sure the rod has a guide for every foot of rod plus the tip top. (Ex: A 9’ rod should have 9 guides plus the tip top). If the rod has less it will be difficult to cast. You don’t need an expensive reel if...
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    Warm Fly

    Check out my new website dedicated to warmwater fly fishing.
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    The Gills are biting!

    Okay you wise guys, I'll tell you where I caught my fish. I went there today and did it again! They were caught at Lake Martin which is south of Breaux Bridge Louisiana! Here's todays catch!
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    The Gills are biting!

    I caught these at Lake St. John a couple of weeks ago on the fly. There ain't nothing like a stump knocker blue gill on a 2 weight fly rod!
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    Did you build or purchase?
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    Has anyone put outriggers on their pirogues?
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    Thanks for the complement... but it's actually a transfer/decal. I got it form
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    I have branded my pirogue as a fly fishing vessel!
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    finished Chemaunis canoe

    Hey Kurt! Are you going to bring that beautiful canoe to Red Stick Day? If so, you'd better keep an eye on it!
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    A couple of pics

    You guys are REAL WENNIES! Insulting my sardines... I mean blue gill...
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    A couple of pics

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    A couple of pics

    I'll tell you what I will do... PM me your home address and I will send you some of my hand tied flies GUARANTEED to catch monster blue gill!!!
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    A couple of pics

    I just thought I would post a couple of pics of the pirogues that my buddy and I built side by side. We just completed our fold down boat seats (not pictured).