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    Is this Uncle John or a rip off?

    The boats on this site look identical to my UJ pirogue. Any one know if this site is Uncle John's or is someone just ripping off his design?
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    Quick finish question

    I just got through painting my pirogue I finished last year. I'm used the exterior porch paint but I could only get satin so I want to put a gloss coat of varnish, poly, etc. Should I wait 5-7 days after the last coat of paint for it to cure or is it ok to go ahead with the finish sooner...
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    Just started some winter maintenance

    After only one summer of sun my natural finish has become blotchy. I did apply uv protection varnish but I guess it wasn't enough. I'm doing a little sanding now and will be painting it dark green soon. Another problem I'm working on is the rub rails. I got quite a few places where the wood...
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    A shorter UJ Pirogue

    I was thinking about building another UJ pirogue. I want to build something shorter than my 15' 8" pirogue. One that will be easier to throw into the back of the truck without 10 minutes of tying down. I weigh about 225 lbs so how wide would I need to make the bottom if I did something in the...
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    Prototype paddle

    I made a prototype double paddle to see how I liked the double blades and if so to help determine the length. It was cheap and it works extremely well except not having a drip ring is about to drown me. I used a closet pole (I shaped it a little) and some scrap luan plywood from the pirogue...
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    Finished my pirogue seats

    I was trying to match the color of my boat but they turned out a bit darker. I've never been good at matching colors. Anyway, nothing you haven't seen before...just wanted to share.
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    On the water

    I finally got some pictures of the pirogue out on the water. This is in the pond behind our house. The kids love the boat but my son wants to know why we don't have a motor on it.
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    anybody use a humminbird fishin buddy?

    I was looking at some fish finders and saw the humminbird fishin buddy. That would be perfect. Has anyone here ever used one?
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    Anyone ever tried this?

    I've been thinking about adding some rod holders to my pirogue and had a thought. Has anyone ever tried making a wooden t-track (or you could get aluminum) and put in the boat for mounting accessories? I thought it would be kind of neat because not only could you mount anything anywhere along...
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    1st nice fish in new pirogue

    The pirogue I just built is my first boat ever. Fishing from it is the first small boat fishing I've ever done too. I hooked into a 4.5 lb bass the other night and I couldn't believe how he spun the boat around and dragged me around before I finally landed him. I thought it must have been a...
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    Which wood for which part?

    I made a prototype kayak paddle using a closet rod and luan plywood that worked great so now I want to build a nice one. I have some very, very nice sitka spruce that I was going to use to try and build a mandolin but I've had it for about 8 years so I doubt that plan will ever take shape. I...
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    Race challenge...

    I'm going fishing with a friend in my UJ pirogue on Wednesday and he's giving me hell about how he will have caught 2 fish before I even make it to the fishing spot. In other words, he thinks my pirogue is going to be slow. He uses a Malibu Kayaks Mini X (about 9ft I think). How do these...
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    For you Bald Cypress....

    Bald Cypress, is this better? :D 4th time out on the boat tonight and I push off the bottom in some shallow water and brought up a big pile of stinky mud on the paddle. I'm really liking the bright inside and am glad I used a bright color. This picture was taken at 8:52pm with my cell phone I...
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    Epoxy thickness

    As I'm sanding and sanding and sanding the outside of my UJ pirogue tonight I started wondering if all the sanding I'm doing on the epoxy can or does weaken the hull. Is there a minimum thickness of epoxy required to make a strong boat or is the epoxy more about keeping the fiberglass attached...
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    Bubbles under fiberglass

    I've been searching around and can't find any info on what to do if you have some bubbles under the fiberglass? Do you just leave it or do something to repair it? I don't have any that are bigger than a dime. Thanks
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    What is the easiest to use for fillets?

    I mixed up my first epoxy and wood flour ever to fill screw holes, etc the other night. I can say that it's definitely not the easiest thing I've ever worked with. It was hard to smooth and dried very rough which required quite a bit of sanding. I had a little extra so I tried a test fillet...
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    Resin application thickness question

    When you wet out the fabric, should the resin be thick enough to completely cover the texture of the fabric or should you still be able see/feel the cloth's texture? I've never done this before but it looks like completely covering on the first pass would be too much. I always hear thin layers...
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    Glassed butt joint woops

    I'm using the glassed butt joint technique for my sides and bottom. I did the sides last night but I only did one side. Since this is the first time I've ever done any fiber glassing I wasn't about to attempt doing both sides at once like I had read is the best way to go. I also read that you...
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    1st Timer Build Log

    I finally got started and have been making slow progress so far. My big problem is that the wood I had that I've been wanting to use was a little wormy. I had to cut and cut to find enough that was clean. The ribs and stems are probably about 10% of what I cut. I did pick up nice new wood...
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    Some fiberglassing questions

    Boy, it didn't take long to have a few questions. I've been searching all over the place for the past few days trying to find an answer to these questions with no luck. I've seen several videos about wetting out the glass and that seems pretty simple and straight forward but none of the videos...