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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas guys , hope it’s a good one and a very happy and prosperous New Year David
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    Keeping up

    Hey guys , just wanted to say g'day , haven't been on the list since November, had some health problems back then , still do , been to three different specialists in three different fields and they will don't know what s causing the cough , although we did find out by accident when I was in...
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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Well it's Christmas Eve here in Maryborough Qld Australia , about 9.15PM , just heading off to bed and wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Haven't gotten as much done this year as I wanted to , my knee is fully recovered from the replacement, the other knee is still...
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    Where is Hairy Mick

    Guys I know I haven't been on the forum for some time , this was due to ill health , getting a bit better and thought I might contact Mick to see what he's been up to , but the old number I had for him is no longer current , looks like he hasn't been on the forum for some time either , any one...
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    In the last few years there have been quite A lot of croc sightings up and down the river , quite a few have actually been reported to the authorities and a couple captured and released some where else , this morning there was a report of a large croc taking a cow off the river bank just Down...
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    Alex Jones , Russia and China

    Some of you already watch Alex Jones so this may not be new to you , to others this will be of interest Instead of trying to start a war with China and Russia we should be joining with them to fight the Muslim problem David
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    Ann Corcoran on Refugee Resettlement

    This vid says it well David
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    Armtech / Bushman / K&M

    Bearing Arms sends me notifications of new stuff from time to time and I came across the one below , makes me think of all the things I used to have but can't any more Back in the late 1980's or maybe early 1990's we had some interesting firearms being made here , very simple design and they...
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    New Knee

    Well I got out of hospital Thursday night , was told to expect 5 days or maybe 6 but there was a problem with getting the pain control right , I've had chronic pain for many years and have been used to some heavy pain killers and have developed a tolerance so stuff that will put a normal...
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    Coming to a neighbourhood near you

    Lovely people and coming to a neighbourhood near you ... baths.html David
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    More crap

    Don't know whether this one should have been labelled as only in America or You guys are stuffed so I just went with the label above ... errorists/ Un-bloody believable And another one ... ting-of-id...
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    Is sex work?

    Is sex work? An Infantry Major was about to start the morning briefing to his staff. While waiting for the coffee machine to finish its brewing, the Major decided to pose a question to all assembled. He explained that his wife had been a bit frisky the night before and he failed to get his...
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    Interesting little clip , I always liked Ron Paul but hadn't listened to any thing much from Rand Paul , it seems he bears watching David
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    Guys , how will that shit below in the link effect things like this forum ? ... Newsletter David
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    We are screwed

    Was sent this link by a mate in the USA , also found it in my email from Bearing Arms ... sDedicated But some of these look interesting too ... sDedicated ... sDedicated...
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    Interesting article for those in the USA ... le/2556322 Mate who sent this to me also sent some articles on the number of people imprisoned in the USA , one of the articles mentioned that the USA has more people incarcerated than the rest of the world...
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    death of common sense

    This was sent to me by an acquaintance on a list that I frequent , when I clicked the link and read it I , couldn't believe it I thought it was a put on , just bullshit but I did a bit of searching and there were quite a number of articles about it , some with more detail than others , I'll...
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    An extremely interesting article

    I read something similar a few years back by the same people who predicted the big collapse 2007-2008 [ some of the top US financial experts ] and were trying to warn people about it before it was too late , of course no one listened , but in the article I'm speaking of they were predicting...
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    Un-bloody believable

    Un-bloody believable , that is all I can say , every day I check ou the news here in Australia [ on the internet ] and I'm just blown away by the stupidity here and then every day I see something happening in the USA that just beats it hands down Here is a few Summerville High School student...
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    Slow Rust Bluing

    Any one here know any thing about slow rust bluing and any of the formulas for it ? Brownell's won't send rust blue to Australia Here in Australia we can get Hot caustic Bluing done but no commercial rust blue solution is available , there is a rare few gunsmiths that make their own but not...