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    Here's your sign....

    Wish my mango tree had that problem, maybe in a few years. Me & the girl were over on the Ft Myer's side of Florida a few weekends back, and decided to do the touristy looky-lu thing, and did the tour of the Thomas Edison House & Museum. He collected plants from all over the world and grew them...
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    It's gonna be chili tonight, and tomorrow and the next day

    Well after raining most the day on Friday, the weekend was gonna be cold (cool to you Northerners) & damp, with more rain on Monday. So I decided to make a big ol'crock pot of chili with a pan of corn bread. Good eating today, better tomorrow (hear rumors from oldyaker about some BIG game or...
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    DM's Everglades 2009 trip (picture intense)

    So, my group planned on doing another little loop trip thru the Everglades starting from Flamingo on January 03 and ending on January 12. Rick and myself dove down on January 01 and camped at the park, so we could get to the ranger station at 8:00 AM on Friday to get the permits for the sites...
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    Gauley River rapids video tour

    Heres a neat site that I got from the TVCC people, it is of the Gauley River in West Virgina. It has a map of the river, to the left side you can click on what rapid you want, shows the location on the map, description of the rapid, what lines to run and dangers to look out for. Also has a video...
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    Chattooga section IV 2004 photos

    Nice rainy day, looking thru my computer, came across some photos from somewhere on the Chattooga section IV from back in 2004. I am the one wearing the white helmet. Nice little sequence set. Same trip up North, but a different river. This is on the Nantahala, me...
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    Suwannee River SP (Florida)

    This is the second leg of our vacation from back in June/July 2008, first part was 4 days at Little Talbot Island. Then on to Suwannee River SP for 6 days. So, after driving in the rain all the from just outside Jacksonville to...
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    Little Talbot Island SP (Florida)

    Me and the girlfriend spent a few days at the end of June camping at Little Talbot Island State Park, just North of Jacksonville, Florida. Nice park, check in at the ranger station and the campground is back out the main gate and...
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    Some Everglades Snook.

    Couple of snook I caught during our little paddle thru the Everglades. Both of these were caught while I was wading off of Highland Beach. The small one, was 24". The big one was 28". Both released to roam the ocean. Closed season for them in the Everglades, and they upped the minimum...
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    Google Earth to NOAA charts

    Neat site I got from a kayak fishing site. Google Earth image that converts over to a NOAA chart for that area (if available). Doesn't seem to have any charts for OZ. Might be kinda slow for the dial-up folks. DM mike
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    Jambalaya, Chicken & Sausage

    Because FunBun has never had it. Heres the recipe I use, got it out of the local paper years ago, it was in an article about things you can bring to a covered dish event, so it makes alot. I make no claims if this is a "real" jambalaya, but I like it. Good the first day, better the second &...
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    What have I've been up to since December?

    I have been working on this off and on. It's fast. It is a JEM Watercraft Wadefish 2.0 This a picture from the initial launch a few weekends back. Been to busy with the 9-5 to get it out again, but I will and I will get more photos, and do some fishing from it. It's fast. Heres a link to...
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    Hell Kitty

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    Flagler Beach Fishing (Florida East coast). WOW! Thats a big'en. DM
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    When life gives you mucho mangos...

    Make Mango Bread. Lately I have been able to get alot of very good mangos at a very good price from the stores near by (Sam's, box of 9 for $6.50). I like to make mango bread with them when I get alot of them. I usually make two loafs at a time, cuz my girl makes me give one to her, now her...
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    Or paddling just about anywhere

    Here is a site run by one of the guys in our local canoe/kayak club. Has paddling routes and stuff from all over the world. Lots from Florida, cuz that is where he is based. And you can submit routes to help build the data base. (Be the first to get one from Oz.)
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    Paddling Florida site (North central)

    Heres is an outfitters site, that has a pretty neat feature for North Florida paddling. Click on "River Locator Map", scroll down to the map of Florida and then click on any of the rivers in BLUE, that takes you to a page that has the outfitters...
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    Santa Fe River (Florida) picture intense!

    OK, so on our last full day (Sunday) stay at Manatee Spring State Park, we decided to paddle part of the Santa Fe River. The Santa Fe river itself is interesting because it disappears underground at O'Leno State Park in a lazy whirlpool. It...
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    Fanning Springs (Florida)

    On Saturday during our stay at Manatee Springs State Park, we drove to Fanning Springs State Park for the day. Fanning Springs SP is about 10 miles from Manatee Springs SP. We where there on June 30. We got there early before alot of...
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    Manatee Springs (Florida)

    From June 28 to July 01, myself and my girl spent a few days camping at Manatee Springs State Park, located in Chiefland Florida. Did a little paddling from there and some walking around there. Thought it was very cool while in the...
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    Slaw for BBQ

    Well since the Jambalaya thread has evolved into a BBQ thread, thought I would give a recipe for a slaw to go with the BBQ. Ingredients: 1 large head of cabbage- shredded 1 cup ketchup 1/2 cup sugar 2-1/4 tsp salt 4 dashes of cayenne pepper, more or less to taste (I use 1-1/2 Tbsp)...