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    Skin boat number 11

    After a little over a year, doing another one....My 11th SOF... Another fishing boat, only this is for a 265 lb. person..... I am tweaking the plans I used for mine, increasing the beam by 14% about 4'' from 27'' to 31'' Gerald's Challenger....I'll call it the XL
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    What's in the future

    Pick your poison.... The banking system.... the recent string of banker suicides..... ... 10926.html Or the weird weather described really well by a man in St. Louis, Mo. 'dutchsinse'.....He has also been monitoring the increasing radiation amounts in the...
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    A kayak hauler you can camp in..

    Well I got the bug earlier this year to build an alternative to our pop-up tent camper we have used for 20 yrs....Something a little easier to set up and just down size the camping experience..It is 5'X10'... Built with the wife in mind..for here to be able to stand in and couldn't forget Air...
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    On the drawing board

    My next project is designed using KayakFoundry software..pretty fun stuff.... The inspiration...
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    The grandsons kayak

    A SOF converted to a S& least the hull was converted the deck is skined.....12' X20'' ... s%20kayak/
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    A comentary for the record....

    Jim Hightower tells it like it is..... Protecting political insiders from our First Amendment Ah, it’s August – time for the presidential nominating conventions! This grand testimonial of our citizens’ rights and liberties will begin with the Republicans in Tampa. Flags are being mounted...
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    Another SOF

    I decided to create a SOF using the old challenger forms...It will need to have a keel stringer.... A pic of my wood boat... New frames cut and ready for the build....
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    Strip Canoe blown over wile still on the forms

    I found this heart breaking story over on the Bear Mt. site.....Man it really cracked the hull big time..And the stripping looked about complete.... ... f=1&t=4066
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    Rudder for kayak

    I started making a rudder months ago but now I'm finally doing it....I don't know if this looks to big or what....I started out with the idea of spooling the rope in the blade itself, but after examining Gerald's I sandwiched 3/8'' spooled on the side of the blade....It's all Baltic birch except...
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    SOF Canoe built to raffle

    It will be raffled off starting at our winter powwow in Feb. clear through to, and ending with our summer powwow in Aug. It will be displayed here....Indian Council of Many Nations Annual Winter Pow wow February 18, 2012 Kansas City Kansas Community College The build process is...
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    Something in the skies that shouldn't be their

    Sick of being sick...and wonder what the hell is going on...Check this out.. ... er&list=UL - The chemtrail program is also known as "Project Cloverleaf", and it is very compartmentalized. Even the pilots themselves have no real idea of why they are...
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    Rocket Stoves

    How about a Rocket Stove Sauna: ... thread=103
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    Cheap kayak seat

    I thought this was pretty ingenious: ... cycle.html
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    TV 15-32 SOF

    Can't find a SOF piroge on the Nett. anywhere...Am I nuts..I don't know.... Seems like I always got to modify something... Even as a kid I didn't stick to plans building model cars..I remember having boxes of parts..and modifying everything into a dragster...Hot Rod and Car Craft mags were my...
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    Kayak displays at Bass Pro

    Skin On Frame ( minus the skin) ..
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    Free SOF kayak plans

    Kudzu Craft just posted the plans for a 14-28 and a 12-28
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    SOF 15' 22'' build

    Well I got to try one of these little buggers...22'' beam "man give me a shoe horn to pry me into it"... Got the frames done.. used Baltic Birch... Tom (Mosportsman) I got a pic. of one that completed the MOR340
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    World's first line of aluminum kayaks

    Lebanon Missouri- based Osagian Canoes is coming out with a 12 foot kayak weighing about 50 lbs. This video was shot on an Ozark stream..sutible for 12' boats.. Lebanon is about 150 miles from where I live and is smack in the middle of the Ozarks.... Introducing the Osagian Kayak...
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    Rocket stoves

    I discovered these on the net a few yrs ago..Rocket stove mass heaters for the home...Small versions to cook on also.. One can actually be dug into the dirt.... ... re=related...
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    16X36 Brazos River Dory

    This boat has a lot of lumber in it compared to my last build the TV15-29... It has only 5 forms but all but 2 of the panels can be striped right on the forms.. The strips are 1'' wide and the first riser panel was to difficult to get them to lay right so I did what Ron does and laid them out on...