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    Which boat?

    I am moving to north Florida sooner than planned. Medical Retirement, I originally was going to build a Southwind to use here in Washington state. I am thinking with my back and right leg permanent issues a Sasquatch would be the better choice as I will be using it around the Lake City/Live...
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    Milk Crate Question

    I know alot of guys use a milk crate to store their fishing gear. What is the normal size of one?
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    Praying for all our members in Texas and Luisana. Stay safe my friends.
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    Hope everyone is doing well. I know that several of my friends and family are in the evacuation zones for Mathew. For any of you who are in his path stay safe and praying for you. Kevin
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    Hurricane Hermine

    Hope everyone in Florida is doing OK. My family in the Live Oak area are OK. Just downed trees and power outages. Praying for you all. Kevin
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    Question for Tor or TX River Rat

    I think that both of you build a DK Touring Canoe. If so would it be possible to see some photos of the build sequence or the completed canoe? I am looking at building this one myself. Thank you, Kevin