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    Archery clinic at my house!

    Hi Folks, I know this may be a long shot but I also know that there are a few traditional bow shooters on here that just might be interested in this clinic. If you hunt around the interweb for Rod Jenkins archery clinic you will find nothing but high praise for his teaching. But at any rate. It...
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    Ugly Drum Smoker

    Decided I needed to learn the art of low and slow cooking and seems the cheapest way for me to do that was to build an Ugly Drum Smoker. I did my first smoke on this thing today and I'm pretty impressed. Did up one sausage roll stuffed with mushrooms,onions and cheese and a boston butt. Sausage...
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    South Florida Archery season in full swing!

    Archery season started down here this past saturday. July 31st! HOT!!!!!!!! But I've been making the best of it. Sweating like a pig but at the same time, getting the freezer filled. Both with a stick and string. 12 yard shot. Double lung and top half of the heart. Deer hopped 3 times at the...
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    Ted Nugent on Deer Hunting

    From an email I got this morning Ted Nugent on Deer Hunting Deer Hunting Story...even if you don't care about hunting...Gotta Love Ted! Ted Nugent, rock star and avid bow hunter from Michigan , was being interviewed by a liberal journalist, an animal rights...
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    And ANOTHER camp stove.

    Micks post got me to thinking and I got to digging out in the shed this morning. Knew I had an old one around here somewhere..... Its an old SVEA 123. I think I picked it up at a yard sale sometime a while back( years ago) and used it a couple of times. This little thing is pretty cool! :-)...
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    Trangia Stove

    Mentioned in my last trip report that I needed to write up this stove and a rainy monday afternoon seemed like the right time to do just that. My better half. Erica had been wanting to buy one of these stoves for a long while and she made a trip to Sweden for her sons wedding this past summer...
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    Upper Suwannee Griffis fish camp to Rt. 6 Oct 4-8

    Got a chance to head north last week and took it. I hadn't been on the Suwannee in about 3 years and when the opportunity arose, I was there. We put in way up at Griffis fish camp North of Fargo with the intentions of coming all the way back down to White Springs. Low water, not much current...
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    Taking no chances

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    This just in

    This news just in: All of the Wal-Marts across Alabama sold out of ammunition as of yesterday. A reliable source said that one of the purchasers commented that while Russia may have invaded Georgia, they sure as hell ain't doin' it to Alabama. :P :P :P
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    spam answers

    Not sure if this goes in here or favorite links or humor. But its worth it :-)
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    Women and Home Depot

    Charlie was fixing a door and found that he needed a new hinge, so he sent his wife Mary to Home Depot. At Home Depot, Mary saw a beautiful bathroom faucet while she was waiting for Walt, the manager, to finish waiting on a customer. When Walt was finished, Mary asked 'How much for that...
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    Pre packing for a trip

    Not sure if this goes here or not but its something that comes up every time we get ready for a trip. Seems like every time we plan a trip that we spend entirely way to much time getting everything together. We spend on average 4 or 5 hours ( sometimes allot longer) getting stuff together...
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    FishEating Creek 04-12/04-14(lots of pictures)

    Took a last minute trip over to Fisheating Creek this past weekend. Wasn't sure if we were going to be able to go until Friday night and even then the water levels were iffy. Iffy on the high side I thought but turned out to be almost perfect. We've paddled and camped on FEC 3 times since the...
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    New pics

    Now that I have my picture host figured out I figured I'd get a little practice posting :-) All taken up around Leesburg last weekend except the sunset and that was at wiggins pass state park.
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    mystery boat

    Picked up this little boat for cheap yesterday. Took it out for a quick test paddle last night and she is a pretty sweet little boat! :lol: Just curious if anyone has seen anything like it or would know who made it? it is 10' long, 28" wide and weighs in right at 25# A couple of pics of it...
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    sailing canoe "e" magazine

    Stumbled on this site earlier today. Has some good info in it. ... e&Itemid=1
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    :shock: :shock: :shock:
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    Christmas weekend paddlin' and fishin'

    Took 5 days off for christmas and managed to make it out 3 of the 5 days. Not to bad! :D Started out fishing estero bay on Friday. Saw dolphins chasing the fish I was trying to put in my cooler. 8) Came across a few Roseatted spoonbills and got this one to cooperate Spent a bunch of...
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    Which boat, LONG and lots of pics....

    Ok folks, I have been waflfing back and forth now for several months on which boat for this winters build. I relize this is stretching the bounds of southern paddler but I am contemplating a POWER BOAT!!!! On my trip to Maine this summer I ran across what is known as a "guide canoe" 16-20 feet...
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    North Maine woods ( NMW)VERY picture intense!

    Got a chance to go on a last minute trip WAY up north last week. Flew into Boston and rented a car and commenced to driving North. 8 hours worth of North. Destination was Loon Lodge I thought I had been in some way out of the way places in my time but when you get to...