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    kayak jack

    i was eating grits summer sausage and okra knew this was jacks favorite meal ,was wondering how long it had been since he had a spread like this ron
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    I am still kicking

    I havent been onhere in awhile. Just wanted to drop by and say hi Ron
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    need to get a sawdust fix

    Matt you ever have the itch to draw up something like this. sure getting the itch to build one Ronnie
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    Cuda get a face lift

    I pulled the cuda out today and started sprucing her up . Ole boat is nine years old made out of poly and luan and has lived outside its whole life. Time to paddle and fish a little Ron
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    hell of a week

    After everything that has happened this week tonight I wound up in the emergency room bleeding like a stuck hog from passing three kidney stones. Sure hope this next week is better. Ron
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    I lost my soul mate today, Ron
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    Kayak gun

    I bought this little rig to carry in the yak. Havent shot it to much but a 1/2 group at 10 yards open sight really impressed me. I am going to go to the peep sight and see what I can do . Ron Squirrels in the back yard better watch out.
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    The good bad and ugly

    Sat I went to San Marcus tx and met up with three guys from my past. The last time I saw them was 1969 in Nam. Had a good time and since there wives were present a few stories had to be moderated a wee bit. LOL Well hell we were 21. The only thing I noticed was those three sure got old ,glad...
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    Hell of a week ,some good some bad

    Started of week Sondras heart went back into afib and then she fell and hurt her back. So the procedure to shock it back in rythum was schelduled for Tuesday of this week. Back is still giving her hell but we had a pleasnt surprise when they were getting her ready for the procedure. Yep her...
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    Anyone have a recipe they like for venison jerky. Ron
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    New toy and first blood.

    My shoulder has been bothering me,and I havent been able to practice with my bow . I bought this a week or so ago sighted it in and went hunting this past weekend. Christmas dinner is here shot this Sunday morning at 30 yards. The crossbow is a Barnett ghost 360 ,dam it is acurate and...
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    This works great

    I bought the Berkeley water filter recently and the I got to thinking about the ice ,you have no ideal whats in it or where it came from so I bought this little jewel. I love it ,it makes ice fast and using the water i Filtered it really has a good...
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    New diggs

    The Casita is fixing to go on the block ,here is what is replacing it mama said she needed more room. Ron
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    I had another dog that was giving me a hard time, I was in one of those moods when he came after me yesterday , so when he ran up snapping and growling I punched him in the nose . That worked for awhile then here he came again. Ok he wants to play I locked one brake spun around and started...
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    Dogs and trikes

    Road a couple miles today just trying to get my legs in shape, I ran across a blue heeler that didnt like my trike. I slapped at him a couple times and finally poped him on the nose pretty good ,he yelped and backed off. When I was headed home here he came again. I decided to have some fun. I...
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    Miles and wildlife

    20 miles so far One baby cotton tail about 2 inches long, thought it was a rat at first
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    Pulled the trigger

    I picked this up today and love it. I put a couple miles on it and is just too comfortable. Ron
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    Special Boat

    I have a place on the Brazos that holds some huge fish. The reason it is so hard to get too, you have to pack everything down a steep hill,the wade for a 1/4 mile going down coming upstream it is closer to a mile portage. So I bought some luan ,epoxy , cloth,and some foam . This should be...
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    Back pack

    Chuck What did you get your back pack down to weight wise? Ron