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    Boat Value?

    I was hesitant to make this post, but the forum has been pretty quiet so here it is anyway. I have over time donated cedar strip pirogues to organizations that support outdoor youth programs,then at tax time the accountant wants me to put a value on the boat for tax purposes. I usually don’t...
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    Pictures Disappear

    Pictures Disappear I need some tech knowledge about posting pictures. I use google photos for storage and organizing. When I need to post a picture, I move it from Gallery or photos to an app called Photo Resizer to resize the photo and post it to the forum from that app. This is workable BUT...
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    Copy an existng boat only longer

    Hopefully this post will start a discussion and I’ll learn some more about our little boats.Below are pictures and specs of a boat that I built by copying a 9’6’ Water Moccasin.The boat turned out much like the original, except much lighter, which was the idea. I like and use this boat a lot. Of...
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    Sliding Pirogue Seat My seat in the concave (inverted V) bottom pirogue sometimes would slide off center, and it was hard to get it back to center while I’m sitting on the seat. so I thought two ¾ “ sticks on the bottom would keep it centered. I decided that was too simple, and went for a...
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    Printed Image under fiberglass

    I have been slow answering the question about graphics under fiberglass, so they are part of the surface. An example would be the Ichthus Symbol I have put on several boats. The process is as easy as it is simple. Any image from an inkjet printer can be embedded. Text, photos, and internet...
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    No Plans SS&G, No Plans, 3rd Try

    Water Moccasin Copy 3rd Try I thought I would take a building break, BUT I had to have a short truck boat for the Kansas creeks and sloughs. So armed with my newly gained knowledge of rocker, flair, stem angle, and whatever else makes the shape and function of a boat “what it is” I tried again...
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    Pirogues in the lake

    A picture of my TV15 32 and Happy Hour Kyak. Summer brings young folks to the lake. We are so blessed with the lake and kids.
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    Pirogue Repair, Refurbish

    Pirogue Repair, Refurbish. We are back in Kansas, settled in and thinking about boats again. About seven years ago, My firsts stitch and glue was a JEM TV 15 32. It was Luan, and planned to be a learning experience in preparation for building cedar strip stitch and glue. It has been stored...
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    Planter Box Piirogue

    Some of you may remember about 5 years ago I built a camo “17 lb” pirogue with a luan or maybe sandeply bottom, no fiberglass. Of course being stored outside the bottom didn’t last long. My Bride has a vivid imagination and an eye for colors, she took over the boat. It now is the main attraction...
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    SS&G No Plans Again!

    Another “no plans stitch and glue build” Recall that a while ago, I “copied” a water moccasin pirogue. I built undersized hoping to make it very light weight, it’s lightweight at 14.8#, but just too small, cramped, and tippy for this stiff 77 year old. So this build will attempt to make a boat...
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    picture posting

    Chuck, I may have failed pictures again? I noticed the pics from this post are gone. I think I reduced them to 800x 600 about 160 kband then posted them from my computer.... so there shouldn't be any half dressed...
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    Flip Tool cart and ripping cedar

    A couple of items that might interest builders. My shop in Texas is a portable building 12 x 20 so space is at a premium. I originally stored my table saw, planner,etc on shelves and carried them outside to a table.The days of carrying heavy equipment are probably over. Just before my bypass...
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    Pictures of Chucks strip pirogue?

    Chuck, could you post pictures of your strip built. They apparently aren't available on forum. Thanks
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    Rocker, length

    Been a little slow lately, more reading than posting or commenting. 3 weeks ago, I had open heart surgery 6 bypasses. At 77 it took some careful consideration to decide to do the surgery. But I did it and I am happy with the decision. I know some of you have had this procedure, I salute you it...
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    Pirogue fishing in Kansas?

    This short 2 hour aternoon trip was to much fun not to share. Gilmore creek isn't a real bayou, but it's pretty, fishy, and 10 minutes from the house. This picture was my attempt to get a picture of a nice bass jumping O'well there will be a next time
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    Happy Hour Kayak finally wet

    Happy Hour Kayak Maiden Splash I completed this SS&G Happy Hour last November, unfortunately the lake was already frozen. Here it is JULY,and she finally floats! The plans call for a skeg on the stern, of course I had to experiment and added a V bottom and left off the skeg. Here are the stats...
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    Delete Draft post

    Any one know how to delete a draft post. I seem to be stuck on the preview/ post page. When I use copy and paste to put in a post I end up with 4 copies of the post and then can't figure out edit or even delete the post. Thanks, Andy
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    Stitch and Glue No Plans

    Stitch and glue without plans For quite some time I've wanted to duplicate a popular fiberglass pirogue in cedar strip or 3mm okume because the fiberglass is just too heavy. If this sounds familiar I’ve tried before and went back to building from plans. I have tried tracing the sides of the...
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    modified JEM Crawdad

    Occasionally someone will ask me about when I say I modified the JEM Crawdad. I recently had both of them out in the yard and took a picture.I didn’t realize how much difference there really was between the two boats. Actually all I did was remove the top “rail” panels and about an inch off the...
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    Some questions about Varnish Think I already know the answer, so maybe this post is just varnish.I knew varnish would deteriorate. But wasn’t quite ready for this.The Crawdad prototype isⁿ 4 years old Lots of use, and two summers lived in the back of my pick up. Then stored outside upside down...