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    Got To Love Pirogue Fishing

    filleted on the boat and kept on ice to be cooked fresh they are very tasty
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    Put my neighbor and his family in my boat when they had 2ft of water in their house got them to dry ground. When I got back the water was at my door so we left with three boat loads of cats and four dogs. When it was all over the neighbor across the road said he watched my Miata float all...
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    Time to make shavings again.

    Piper thats a nice little boat ----SOF should do the trick for you I'm more of an open top boat fan I like Kudzu's Stonefly canoe which has more room for fishing gear however I would like to make it a little wider to be less tippy and carry my weight better keep up the good work and keep us...
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    Time to make shavings again.

    Piper good to see you back online and thinking about building again are you familiar with Kudzu Craft and their forum "messing about in boats" He sells plans, kits, and materials---cloth --- polyester and nylon if you need help or encouragement I'm not that far away I'm good at holding the dumb...
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    Winter - Lite

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    Another Year

    sip and enjoy every one dear friend
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    Cypress Paddle

    Bee you do such neat work by the way, was that a wedding gift Loafer
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    Skin boat number 11

    nice looking hull--- and almost my size will plans be available soon?
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    Raised Beds

    Grits for breakfast vienies for lunch okra for supper and fig newtons for dessert summer is great in the South LOAFER
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    My New Toy and Fun Getaway Item.

    Chuck start slow take that 10 mile trip several times before you try that 18 mile jaunt and think about putting a LED flashing light on the back and maybe one on the front too ! even lightly traveled roads can be a danger you're in for a new and enjoyable pastime and yes you will sneak up on...
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    Tales from the Log of the Ruptured Duck

    Spring has sprung Down South trees and shrubs are blooming like crazy heck it will be summer by the the time you get down here been running the air conditioner all this week LOAFER
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    Beekeepers X Bumble Bee

    excellent work - very very neat now its time to get it slimed my only question is will the Beekeeper now have to change his handle Loafer
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    Rendezvous 2014

    time to get serious about a spring gettogether I will be glad to host it in the Baton Rouge area if any of you can travel this way looking at mid Febuary or early March the more the merrier and early responses appreciated LOAFER
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    Twas the night................

    Short and to the point: A Lesson in Irony. The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing this year the greatest amount of free Meals and Food Stamps ever, to 46 million people. Meanwhile, the National Park Service...
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    Pirogue Seat: A Proto Model

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    Cypress marine ply?

    I bought some fascia boards of Chinese origin that were claimed to be cypress but they sure didn't look like any cypress I had ever seen before and the primer on them came off when rubbed with bare hands LOAFER
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    A Lake Bistineau Pirogue

    Re: A Lake Bistineaux Pirogue traditions get started when something works for somebody an no one takes the time or puts forth the effort to modify or improve on it for their own use I admire your work Bee and look forward to seeing each new addition Loafer
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    Just had to do it

    hope I'm not kicked out of the club drug home a FG boat tonite ! 1968 15 ft Kingfisher stick steer w/33 hoss Erude don't know why, but just had to do it it should make a good base for the type of fishing I do LOAFER
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    another great loss

    don't wish to inject politics into this forum but Chris Kyle was a great American in my eyes an a hero to me the low down scum that killed him sould be tried, convicted,tied to tree limb and slowly tortured to a bitter end just my thoughts LOAFER
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    17 lb pirogue.......maybe

    Glad she passed her sea trials now christen her witn an aluminum can and get her slimed as soon as possible LOAFER