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    A breakthru for cancer treatment?

    One can only hope. ... lowres.pdf
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    The Original Crocadile Hunter now gone too

    Vale Malcolm Douglas ... 15nt7.html
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    Charley Moreland National Park.

    G'day guys, Miss Evie and I have been a lil busy with our new camper in recent weeks. We are planning some serious trips to our north-west outback next year and the little camper we bought just was not robust enough for where we want to go. A visit from Dave Wallace a few weeks ago convinced us...
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    feeling the cold here,

    Miss Evie and I are feeling the winter here this year. just a few pics from the other day, doing what we could to avoid the worst of it. :D We went bush, (a couple of miles away) Dr, Stihl Quick cuppa, and in no time flat, the trailer is full. :D
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    Hairie's New Camper

    G'day guys, As some here may have gathered, i have a new partner in crime :D , Miss Evie. She is a true country girl and loves all things outdoors and in the bush in general 8) 8) . To this end, we have decided that we NEED a camper trailer, something small, light and quick to erect but...
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    Tuchekoi to Traveston, A trip down a river saved.

    G'day guys. Its been a while since I posted uch in the way of trip reports. In fact, I have done very little paddling in the last 12 onths. I while ago, I posted a story on "Dala" our Lungfish and her last reaining habitat, The ary River here. Both were under threat of a proposed mega dam at...
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    Cadeppa and Hairies Upper Mary trip. (Belated)

    G'day guys. This is a little late but much has happened here in recent weeks and this is the first opportunity I have had to post. After a few emails and phone calls, John turned up here one morning and after the obligatory cup of tea, we headed off down the Mary Valley for a couple of days...
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    1770, Cadeppa, Dave and Hairy (pic intense)

    G'day guys, will probably have to post this in installments. :D Following on from the thread here, viewtopic.php?f=6&t=7585 and numerous phone calls etc re weather, John arrived at my place in the AM on Monday had a quick cuppa and we loaded up and headed north into a very gloomy day. We...
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    Caddepa and Hairies First Paddle

    G'day guys, John (Caddepa) is out here on holliday from the US and is touring the country. :D To this end, he had bought an old Falcon that I think is better than my car. :shock: :D He called in yesterday, had a look at my boats and we went for a drive around the area to show him around...
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    Hairies Bayou Skiff.

    G'day guys, Been drooling over Chuck's skiff build for far too long. Time to make my own! :D Mine will be a lil different to Chucks and probably not as pretty. Got the ribs made. All the panels are rough cut and side panel splices are started. I had a broken sheet of BS1088 that I was...
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    New Paddling buddies first trip - Burrum Wier.

    G'day guys, been a while since I paddled or posted much so here is a lil trip report from yesterday. My friend Suzie has two kids, Sasha - 10 and Sam - 14. Niether have paddled a real kayak before and Suzie only has a plastic sit on top. All have been busting to try my boats so yesterday we...
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    My new tent

    G'day Guys, Check out my new tent. There is a little video on erecting it - takes about 3 minutes :D
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    New Paddling Partner.

    G'day guys, I haven't posted here in a while, and one or two know what has been going, this side of the drain. To cut a very long story short, I am single again and have been so for a few months. A couple of weeks ago, I met a delightful lady, a city girl and avid photographer, who has never...
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    A traditional Australian Rowing Skiff

    G'day guys, Been a bit quiet here lately but that is hopefully about to change. As some might know, I have been working on a prototype, smallish, sea Kayak of Matt's design and I think she is going to be a winner in any company. A superb, low volume boat that will be very suited to day and...
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    North Burnett Valley - a motorcycle trip

    G'day guys. First I would like to apologise for my absence here of late. I have checked in most days, but haven't really felt up to posting. Life has given me an uppercut recently. Nevermind. Some mates and I have just been on a ride to some places I have been before and to some others I have...
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    My Midlife Crisis

    G'day guys, Been a little "pre-occupied" in recent weeks. sometime, Life just gets in the way. anyway, i would like to introduce you to the new love of my life. Been thinking of getting something like this for a while now. It is a very long time since I have ridden one but have been feeling...
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    Hervey Bay, Okwata gets Inked

    G'day guys, Its been a while since I posted a trip report so here goes, I have been hearing reports back channel about squid turning up here in numbers and lots of locals "in the know" have been getting into them. Its been a long time since I have been squidding and i have been craving a feed...
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    A couple of sunrise/sets

    Still learning. and just for fun, dawn sun hitting mount Tibrogargin
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    Baroon Pocket, Kondalilla Falls & Tree Tops

    G'day guys, Miz Robin and I enjoyed our previous trip to this area, That we decided to return for a few days to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary :D We loved our previous accommodation to bits but decided on somewhere a little...
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    Maroochy River.

    Maroochy River. G'day guys, On our recent hollidays, we spent a few days at Robin's Mums place. Of course, we took the kayaks and one day, while Robin and her lovely Mum were off doing girly stuff (shopping again), I opted to go for a paddle in my old stomping ground - Maroochidore, in the...