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    storage for fishing rods

    Thanks guys for the suggestions. I might use PVC pipes. Will check the web for pictures.
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    storage for fishing rods

    Anyone, who has a truck, wants to give me suggestions on fishing rod storage/rack? My truck only has a soft tonneau cover and I don't want to just lay my rods in the truck's bed. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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    Trail Foods - Tried And True

    I like adding onions and cheese, and sometimes blueberries.
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    Firecrackers (And not the Cannabis type)

    I like spices so I will try your recipe next time.
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    Winter Fishing

    Sounds like you guys had fun. Unfortunately I can't see the pics anymore.
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    Swiss Army , Camper.

    No doubt that the Victorinox is great pocket tool. Very well crafted.
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    Time to make shavings again.

    Any update regarding your project, Piper?
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    Trail Foods - Tried And True

    My fave is bannock because you can add almost anything you like to it.
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    2 Man Tents

    Not me but my buddy has one and he loves it.
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    Trail Mix with Nuts and Fruits.

    I've seen lots of trail mix recipes online, and yours seems healthy also.