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    Don’t Despair...

    I know Jack will tell ya! :D
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    Don’t Despair...

    That didn’t come out right and I can’t edit :confused:
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    Don’t Despair...

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    Which famous retailer started out as a mail-order watch business?

    Old Timers should get this one... :confused: •Sears&Roebuck •Montgomery Wards •JC Penny •Wal-Mart Sharpen your cognitive state geezers! > > > > > > The retail behemoth that dominated the 20th century got its start in a rather modest way. Richard W. Sears began working as a station agent for...
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    Wildlife Experts Trivia

    What mammal has the fastest heartbeat? •hamster •mouse •hummingbird •pygmy shrew? I missed it and should not have changed my answer. Also of interest, what mammal has the slowest heartbeat? > > > > > > On average, the human heart beats at a resting rate of 60 to 100 beats per minute. The pygmy...
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    Arthritis relief ....mag loader....

    I don’t how many of ya shoot ACP type pistols, but if you do, ya know how hard some magazines can be to push rounds into.... especially with some arthritis in your fingers and hands like I do. Anyway, I purchased a universal mag loader several years ago, and as age makes arthritis worse, the mag...
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    What kind of animal is a hellbender?

    Lots O garlic is the secret! It can make a skunk a delicacy!
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    Hurricane Season.

    Cat I hurrycane! It’s a cooling breeze for Chuckles! He’ll most likely set up his hammock between the trees in his yard and be gently rocked while sleeping through this hurrycane! The generator is to keep his “Buds” cold for breakfast! Chuckles the survivor!
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    What kind of animal is a hellbender?

    It’s not Kayak Jack! :rolleyes: *owl *salamander *eel *beetle Some of our older gentlemen may know this one. > > > > > > > Also referred to as a "mud devil," "devil dog," or "snot otter," the hellbender comes in a few varieties. In the United States, the eastern hellbender can be found from...
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    More Useless Trivia....

    This knowledge will get you a cup of coffee with a buck and senior discount.... Which of these animals have a rectangular pupil? *wolves *goats *lions *lynxes? > > > > > > > > > > Have a staring contest with a goat, and you may think you’re going cross-eyed. But you’re not — goats really do...
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    Sum’ting just ain’t right?!

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    Cheese Trivia

    You guys were too easy to convert to “Dago Red”.... like you were experienced! ;) Mac said I converted him to a Dago! A Red Neck Dago! :rolleyes: BTW Chuckles, I still make your Pinckney Cafe cheese mix for a lot of occasions... AND! I even get requests for it.
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    Cheese Trivia

    What is the most popular cheese in America? I know some of you know a lot about cheese, because you sure cut enough of it while camping with several of you! :rolleyes:Multiple choice... Cheddar*mozzerela*parmesan* or Velvetta? > > > > > >Answer: mozzerela Yah, it surprised me too. For decades...
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    In what language was the Declaration of Independence first announced?

    My pappy came to America circa 1900. He was a tail gunner on a beer truck during prohibition.
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    I guess most of us had a Red Ryder...

    They don’t call him “Truthful Jack” for nothing! ;);););)
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    In what language was the Declaration of Independence first announced?

    The Second Continental Congress signed an official declaration renouncing British rule on Thursday, July 4, 1776, in Philadelphia. At the time, the city of Brotherly Love had at least six major newspapers. Yet only one — “Heinrich Miller’s Pennsylvanischer Staatsbote” (Heinrich Miller’s...
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    State of the Nation

    I didn’t know if this should post in the Geezer Corner Cafe’ or in humor... if it wasn’t true... it would be humorous :rolleyes: Think about it.... We have become a nation that has lost its collective mind! Lets see if I have this right... � Somehow it’s Un -American for the census to count how...
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    I guess most of us had a Red Ryder...

    Well I guess they make a adult version now. I remember many fun filled days as a six year old boy plinking Maxwell House and bean cans with one of these.... Maybe I need to relive those days.... $69.99 ADULT RED RYDER SHOOTING KIT The Red Ryder finally comes in a version that fits an adult, and...
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    I’m about ready to jump in the SUV and get a bushel of them JoeJa peaches Sparkster! Maybe a cooler of those wild caught JoeJa white shrimps Too!