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    NorthWind Finally.....

    Looking great Darrel! Couple of quick questions.... Can you give me an idea of how many board feet you ended up using? How many strips total? And it looks like your just using flat strips and not bead and coving them? I'm thinking real hard about building something like this. Thanks in advance Brad
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    Recommendations for build table?

    I've used about the same as everybody else. 2 sheets of cheap plywood cut in half for a 2X16 table I used cinder blocks to hold it all up and level
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    First Bow Kill

    Good job! Great feeling ain't it?
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    Archery clinic at my house!

    Was 60 here too Chuck. Got up into the 80's this afternoon but compared to what we've been having it is incredible!
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    Archery clinic at my house!

    Hi Folks, I know this may be a long shot but I also know that there are a few traditional bow shooters on here that just might be interested in this clinic. If you hunt around the interweb for Rod Jenkins archery clinic you will find nothing but high praise for his teaching. But at any rate. It...
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    Ugly Drum Smoker

    Hi Johno, Yeah I was pretty happy with it for my first shot. I can see me doing this a bunch. I used hickory as that was what home depot had in chunks. Everything else was just little wood chips. I'll have to give pecan a try.
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    Ugly Drum Smoker

    Decided I needed to learn the art of low and slow cooking and seems the cheapest way for me to do that was to build an Ugly Drum Smoker. I did my first smoke on this thing today and I'm pretty impressed. Did up one sausage roll stuffed with mushrooms,onions and cheese and a boston butt. Sausage...
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    Couple more done

    Very nice David! Someday I'll venture into the bow making side of the game....... As far as the fast flight versus the dacron. I'm shooting fast flight now as I'm finding it much quieter on my Border Black Douglas. I've found the same on several other bows as well. I don't have a clue if its...
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    South Florida Archery season in full swing!

    Thanks guys, David, These are just the regular white tailed deer. Florida isn't known for its big deer. An average mature buck will weigh 110-120 pounds. I didn't weigh either of these deer but I'd guess them at 80 or 90 pounds. The first was a yearling, Last years fawn. and the second was a...
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    South Florida Archery season in full swing!

    Thanks guys. Its been a fun couple of weeks even with it being as hot as it is. Chuck. The state folks changed the season dates depending on location to better coincide with the rut. And its working. The bucks are running around chasing does like crazy right now. Just the South region( South...
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    South Florida Archery season in full swing!

    Archery season started down here this past saturday. July 31st! HOT!!!!!!!! But I've been making the best of it. Sweating like a pig but at the same time, getting the freezer filled. Both with a stick and string. 12 yard shot. Double lung and top half of the heart. Deer hopped 3 times at the...
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    Another one finished

    Yeah, I'm a member on POA as well. But never posted. Theres some good info there but they are just a tad rough around the edges for my taste. To each his own.......
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    Another one finished

    Nice work! Do you spend any time at ? Its a trad archery site and theres quite a few folks from Australia. Good bunch of folks
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    My best friend left us today.....

    Damn Chuck. Hate to hear that.... So sorry. Its not easy. I've been there. Will be thinking of you.. Brad
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    New Carry Holster

    Very nice work Keith! Not being nearly as talented as yourself I had Lisa Hedely build me a pocket holster for my keltec 380. Right front pocket if I got pants or shorts on. I carry a spare mag in the velcro loop on my cell phone case which is...
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    A reminder...................

    If I was king of swampratville I'd pass legislation where there were TWO elections. One at the beginning of the term and one at the end. The one at the end was a popular vote to decide if the elected official has done a good job. If the majority decides The elected official has done a good job...
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    Ted Nugent on Deer Hunting

    From an email I got this morning Ted Nugent on Deer Hunting Deer Hunting Story...even if you don't care about hunting...Gotta Love Ted! Ted Nugent, rock star and avid bow hunter from Michigan , was being interviewed by a liberal journalist, an animal rights...
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    Any Ideals

    Its a custom design by a guy that goes by Eskimo Tom. ... age_2.html I had him take his larkspur and stretch it out a bit. Great boat. Fast, can carry a ton of gear. Doesn't turn worth a flip but I didn't need to most of the time.
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    Any Ideals

    lol, yeah jack, They look tall when standing up and it looks like a loooong way to the bow when your sitting in it too! I say its twitchy as in I can't walk around in it. I can stand if I'm carefull.. I've got the seat about 2 inches below the gunnel and I imagine it would untwitchify itself if...
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    Any Ideals

    As far as weight is concerned, this one came in well under 50 pounds. 18' X 28" I built it as a solo but its got a capacity of something like 600 pounds plus. Not sure it would be a good boat for beginers though. Its a little twitchy, But its fast!