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    got 'er started...

    Hi Scooter, That's going to be just too pretty. The crowds will never let you get it in the water! Lovely work. I would be interested to see pics of the paddles as they progress.
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    Help... my bottom's looking dodgy and my varnish won't dry!

    Hi Bearidge, I have taken the time to take stock and clear up in the workshop. I have built a pair of hangers to suspend the pirogue from the rafters. My next step is to get in touch with my supplier so that I can get another pint or two of resin. I will then recoat the bottom after scraping...
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    Help... my bottom's looking dodgy and my varnish won't dry!

    Mmmm.... guys I do wonder whether amine blush was the culprit :( Scraping it down to the glass to start with and I'll look at that. If it looks dodgy I might as well strip it to the wood and start from scratch now before I lose my will to finish the project! I just want to get on the...
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    Help... my bottom's looking dodgy and my varnish won't dry!

    Thanks Guys, It was all epoxy from 'UK Epoxy Resins' Rob is the owner and is a good guy. I am awaiting some feedback from him having also posted this on where Rob is now a member as well. It's all very frustrating as I just...
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    Help... my bottom's looking dodgy and my varnish won't dry!

    Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions everyone. I did try to explore the damaged area and found that the layers came apart with little or no resistance. The inside seems sound by comparison. The glass is two layers of epoxy down and yes I had real trouble getting it to wet out at the time...
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    Help... my bottom's looking dodgy and my varnish won't dry!

    Morning all, My pirogue is now almost done :D I have fitted pine breasthooks which I have faired to match the camber of the rails. I have two outstanding problems: :( Problem One I tried a little varnish on the rails but after 4 days it still had not dried properly - it remained...
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    Finaly made a start

    DANG! Bill, I guess those stains will stay in ply so it's either a case of painting or possibly using a dark coloured Ronseal-type varnish later on. Hasn't it rained though! Nothing for a month and then it won't stop.
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    Two Compromises Made...More to Come

    Hey Tex, It fits just fine. I had my timber yard rip 11" strips off my standard 4'x8' boards. There was just enough width left for the bottom without leaving gaps. I have been out and about in Europe which has delayed me but just need to varnish now. Some photos from earlier: Here's the...
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    Staining pine plywood

    Hi CB I was looking at varnishes today and in the UK Ronseal do some exterior ones in 'clear' or a range of colours. They claim to have good UV filters and be better than conventional yacht varnish. Zeb's boat looks good in walnut. Hi Bearridge, Here in the UK we haven't seen rain for a...
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    got 'er done

    Nice looking boat Scooter :) I like the simple lines and the paint scheme. Perhaps I should have kept mine simpler and I'd have finished by now! I will show my son your pics as I suspect that is what he was thinking of when he was talking about painting ours. Pretty boat!
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    Hairies Second Paddle

    We have a few species, mostly small birds but there are a couple of large wood pigeons - which my son thinks would be good in a pie. There is a woodpecker nearby but he just laughs at me while hiding next door! The only raptor is a Sparrow Hawk which cruises past every now and then (apart from...
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    Hairies Second Paddle

    Hi Bearridge, Bluetits, coaltits and the like - small birds. The entry hole is about an inch across. They're good little critters to have in the garden as they eat pest species so no need to spray the fruit.
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    Hairies Second Paddle

    Hi Mick, I think it will be a while before my son builds his own paddle (although he made an excellent bird nestbox today). I have some offcuts of mahogany that I have been saving for a rainy day and I am going to lay these up as laminations in a couple of paddles. As luck would have it I broke...
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    Hairies Second Paddle

    G'day Mick, Are you every going to want to use a shop bought paddle again? That new ones a beaut. I have just made one for my little boy (6yrs). He doesn't know it yet but when Dad finishes the boat (last breast hook being epoxied tonight) he is going to be presented with this: I...
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    Chuck's New Rig

    Dang... I've nearly finished the pirogue. If I'd seen that earlier I might have built in hydrofoils. Do you think that I could retro fit them and make it go at 26kmh? :twisted:
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    Kids Fishin

    Blimey! I took my kids to the pier to learn to fish and they were impressed with a bright green wrasse (at a staggering 6" or 15cm!). Those guys are serious. Good on 'em.
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    Hairies First Paddle

    Looks lovely Mick, great to see materials being reused. Beautiful grain. I have been working on a first paddle for my boy. I have honed my new spokeshave within an inch of it's life and it is a curiously satisfying activity. PS. is that a home made dovetail comb cut on the end of your bench?
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    Mechaniseed paddling

    YeeeeHaaaaaa!!!! Thanks Bearridge. I swear one of those guys gets airborne off one of the big falls. I guess I won't be doing that in my pirogue!
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    Everglades , 10,000 Islands Trip ...April 07

    NOW STOP IT AT ONCE... you're having way to much fun :lol: 'Nothing' is a much underated activity these days. You have to be doing 'something'. Can't get on the water myself yet as the epoxy is still going on in layers (it's 21:00 and I'm just about to go out and stick on the port inner...
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    Hairies Puddleduck

    Hey Mick, Is that the one where the glassing went horribly wrong and you put it away in frustration? I have had a good break from the glassing after my first horrible experience of the outside and left it for the weather to warm up. You were right and it was the temp which made the resin...