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    Tx river rat's "pontoon boat"

    Played with it but was to big bulky Ron
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    kayak jack

    i was eating grits summer sausage and okra knew this was jacks favorite meal ,was wondering how long it had been since he had a spread like this ron
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    I am still kicking

    Chuck i had an 8 by 20 with 600 hp engine ,a mile to a gallon.Pheww couldnt aford to run it. Been thinking about this build for awhile. Using a 22 hp motor ,three blade 42 in ultra prop. it will get up and scoot. Fuel milage should be better than 10 miles to the gallon. Building out of metal...
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    I am still kicking

    here is a link to that build ,might enjoy it Ron
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    I am still kicking

    been really busy. doing some traveling, moved, cashing a few females . lol Darrel and i are building a pair of small airboats. Is most of the old crew around ? Ron
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    I am still kicking

    I havent been onhere in awhile. Just wanted to drop by and say hi Ron
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    Sad Day

    Bob I cant say anything that helps.But i hope you know you and your wife are in my thoughts and prayers Im so sorry for your loss Ron
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    need to get a sawdust fix

    Matt you ever have the itch to draw up something like this. sure getting the itch to build one Ronnie
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    Cuda get a face lift

    I pulled the cuda out today and started sprucing her up . Ole boat is nine years old made out of poly and luan and has lived outside its whole life. Time to paddle and fish a little Ron
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    hell of a week

    After everything that has happened this week tonight I wound up in the emergency room bleeding like a stuck hog from passing three kidney stones. Sure hope this next week is better. Ron
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    I want to thank all of you for your well wishes and a special thanks to a gentleman on here that came to Sondras service . driving several hours . Ron
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    She couldnt be woken up this morning and then her heart stopped on the way to the hosp. just wouldnt start back up. Ron
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    I lost my soul mate today, Ron
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    Kayak gun

    JD I was sitting on my patio when all were shot. It is a pretty good distance to heavy woods ,1/2 mile. But every house has several big oaks or pecans in there yards. I have four big trees in mine. Ron
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    Kayak gun

    My neighbor informed me today he didnt have room for any more tree rats. Hummmmmm guess the war is over this year. Body count stopped at 57. The little 1322 did a ggreat job and seems to shoot better all the time. Crossman premier hollow points seem to be the ticket in this gun and the...
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    Where are the Boat Builders?

    My lack of building is from building the Northwind ,I am not going to get any better . Ron
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    Old or Rare?

    Folks use to bury knives for a year or more to case harden the blade,they did the same thing with frizzons on flint locks.Maybe the steel was soft and they were Harding it. Ron I had the same k bar you did Jack.
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    Kayak gun

    Chuck Try this next time you get fire ant bit, take bleach and water 50 50 put on the bite as soon as possible, it will keep it from getting puss in it and scaring It works also helps with the itch . Ron
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    Kayak gun

    Jack Your post made me think of old times. My grandparent had a ranch that I stayed at a lot. My consent companion was an old daisy slide action bb gun, my uncles had shimmed up the spring so it shot hard. I killed many a rabbit squirrel rattle snake copper heads. If I was getting...
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    Kayak gun

    Where I live most of the homes are 30 years old, they all have big oaks and pecans in the yard. Squirrel heaven , also alot of folks have bird feeders out year round . Ron