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    Freedom build three

    Hi Ron, Really beautiful boat you're building, there! I like the way you're doing the decks "cross-grain". Looks good, and can actually be stronger than lengthwise grain. Jeff
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    finished at last, and it floats...

    Aero, That's a beautiful piece of workmanship. Well done, sir! Jeff
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    A couple of pics

    Those are a couple of fine-looking pirogues! Looks like you and your friend used a lot of care in the building and finishing. They lood durn right professional! Jeff
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    Question for Kahuna

    Hi Piper, I started out tying a couple years ago with the tying kit sold by Orvis. The vice is basic but has worked well for me. The materials were quite good. The best thing about it, though is the fly-tying manual that came with it. The more I learn about tying, the more I appreciate the...