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    Fishing in South Carolina

    Finally got my Pirogue down to Hunting Island for some fishing. Only managed a couple of trout the first day. I went out with Paddlin4reds and some of his gang for some Cobia fishing. This was a true test for the "outcast"! It did great but I had problems with my anchor trolley when the current...
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    First canoe/Maiden voyage

    Beautiful boat and family JT! Great job!
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    Is a Pirogue good for fishing?

    Thanks! My boat has four ribs so the picture is a little misleading. The front of the seat is in the middle of the boat. She is my "Best Buddy" not looking forward to her growing up. :cry:
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    Is a Pirogue good for fishing?

    You bet! When I first started my Pirogue project I was unsure what to expect. I heard they were for skinny water only and were not very stable. I have been in some big water this spring and a more stable boat would have been more comfortable but have never felt like I was going to flip. My next...
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    Post Your Fishing Rig

    Here are a couple of mine. Two rod holders just behind my seat, anchor in front of me with anchor trolley.
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    I like the rabbit idea. I thought about doing that on mine but ran out of patience. I also like the inner rail for the tie off options it gives you. I made mine to fish out off so it comes in handy. Brian
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    Bamboo paddle shaft?

    Oops :oops: Looks like I got your picture descriptions mixed up. What is your average low in the winter where you live?
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    Bamboo paddle shaft?

    I have bought bamboo from this place They have a couple of varieties that look like your variegated one, might help you figure out what you have. Looks a lot like "Viridistriata"
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    Hunting Island SC

    Thanks! It is a great place to camp........and fish :D The landscape pictures are from the same hike you are talking about. I started at the park before sunrise and made it to the lighthouse just as the the sun started to show itself.
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    Hunting Island SC

    I find myself wishing she would never grow up. Right now I am, in her words, her "sweet, sweet daddy". I know this doesnt last for long, I also have an 11 year old :lol:
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    Tassie Piccies

    The fern forest looks awesome!
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    Hunting Island SC

    Here are some pics from my last camping trip. The last one makes me proud :lol: Brian
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    New Builder in Honolulu

    Welcome and good luck on your build!
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    Lake Blackshear

    Thank you! I caught them on spinners, tried about everything I own and thats all I got a hit on. Brian
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    Lake Blackshear

    Yes it is! :D
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    Lake Blackshear

    I took the "Outcast" out for a little fishing today. This was my first trip in a large lake, been fishing in small lakes/ponds. I had no problems but I sure was surprised when I paddled up to a BIG gator. I just keep moving and let him have his space. It was a slow day but I managed to catch a...
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    A Little Breamin

    Great story Mick, thanks for sharing. Looks like your as good at catching fish as you are building boats.
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    Intro and a couple ??

    I ordered the 6qt kit of resin and hardener from RAKA. I would recommend you glass the inside and out, your boat will last a lot longer. Good luck wit your project!
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    Epoxy rash!

    While I was working on two boats at one time I was using a lot of epoxy. I had no problems for a while but one day I woke up and could barely open my eyes. My eyelids were on fire for about three days, and my fore arms had the same rash you describe. Every time I use it now I put on a long...
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    The "sweetwater"

    Thanks for all the kind words! Got her in the water today! Not sure how we got the seat in backwards :wink: