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    LC Flashminnow 110/115Modifications

    Does anyone have any suggestions/thoughts for changing out the stock treble hooks on the LC 110 and 115 for in-line single hooks and if so what size single hooks would be best?
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    I can't stand rock climbing...

    It's not the climbing I dislike, it's the people encouraging me. They drive me up the wall.
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    Fall kayak attire?

    All Summer long, I fish on the kayak with a t shirt, shorts, and Crocs. Put the kayak in the water, and walk in the water to get in the kayak. Now that Fall is here, the air temps and water temps are dropping. What are you wearing to stay dry when launching?
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    Explorer or F150 WY Red Desert

    Considering taking the explorer as gets much better gas mileage then the F150. I prefer the truck for ease of use (tossing game in the back and room) but calculating the difference in cost it's actually fairly substantial. I would hate to get out there and wish I had one over the other. How bad...
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    fiberglass or wood handle axe?

    Which would you recommend for a camper/hiker?