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    i'm in the market for a benjamin 312 or 342. later keith OK
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    Skin Friction

    ya jack put fur on your boat like a seal. i think you have somethig going. no i think sarah palin has don that. forget, keith
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    A New Marsh Pirogue

    hi joey, I get my plywood and layout my patterns. i have a bow and stern, i pick out what side i want on the outside and what end i want the bow on, i want a left side and a right side, i want the front end (bow) side on top of the back end (stern)side and i'll mark them so i get them in the...
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    Cool times on Gray's Creek

    like chuck, my clark came with pockets/ double bottom. later OK
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    Building first pirogue - spud poles?

    we also put a small nail in the breasthook to prevent you from turning the pipe after its in. later keith
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    handmade or deja vu all over again

    Louisiana Public Broadcasting will air a preview special on tuesday, Aug 10 @ 7:pm, which will repeat on Saturday, Aug 14 @ 3:pm. The regular series will premier on Thursday, Sept 23 @ 7:pm with an encore on Sat, Sept 25 @ 1:pm. All episodes will follow on Thursdays @ 7:pm with encores on...
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    My Pirogue

    Nice boat bee, on my rails I start in the middle and work out to the ends. I'll have about a foot extra on each end that i will cut later, I put a c-clamp on the ends and a bungy cord to help pull it around. some times people try and use to big of a rail. on my rails,I use 5/8 x 1-1/4 ( outside=...
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    Canoe Question

    use a jap pull saw with small teeth. next time do as chuck said. later keith
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    UJ Construction Question

    if your bottom is much wider than 24 inches, you will need more support ( stroger/thicker bottom or bottom/floor ribs). I dont know haw wide your boat is. later keith
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    Cutting bevels with a skil saw

    Piper, i do use a long plane, but you need to know when to hold and when to fold. you make the two cuts on the table saw and its a little rough ( i use good blades), one rough for the glue and sides and the other rough for traction on the floor where you walk. then the smooth part (planed) is...
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    Cutting bevels with a skil saw

    i cut my chines on the table saw, put a bevel on both sides, then i attach the chine to the sides while laying flat on the work table. i then tie the side ends together put on saw horses place jigs in place and with boat upside down, install ribs and then plane chine, bottom of sides and ribs...
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    The Swamper- new design

    Ha Joey, where's the water in the bayou, I never saw it that low. Later Keith
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    it was there
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    Merry Christmas

    con-grats, those are some sweet lines, sorry you and tick didn't get any credit from that other guy. later keith
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    Uj pirogue 1/2" plywood?

    joey, that 1/2 inch is 2x that 1/4 inch, the weight is one thing, but he will play hell bending it. he'll brake the ribs trying unless he puts in about 8 ov' can make a jon boat. now if UJ has plans for a 24 footer, you may bend that. later keith
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    How to build a boat without a garage/shed

    oak tree and tarp
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    New style hardtop

    looking good my friend. on bears behalf, where would the paddler(s) sit/stand and type of paddle. Later keith
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    Epoxy over paint?

    I say, dont drag your boat over concrete. If you do, dont turn the boat over and look at it or just repaint it and go on down the river. later keith
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    something different

    show the oars, therelike joeys.later k
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    Bow stem angle?

    I don't think the stem is the bad guy, like tick said we make them with different angles and sometimes we don't put one in at all. your first pictures looks like the first rib is to wide and to far back (there is a formula for that). but that is just my humble opinion. later keith