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    Cool folding Twig Stove

    I shall remain loyal to mah ZIP stove.... burns anything from dried cactus to birch bark without a fuss... do need that small battery ( AA) to get the most of the heat from the fuel Gadz Chuck ! Jack finally got the spell checker LOL ( do you want to know3 how many new words I just added to...
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    Good Camping Pants

    Bro bar, jest go to copy an' paste ... after all , all one does is point and clink no matter how long the thing iz... :P swampy
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    Good Camping Pants

    Man! Ya needs multi pockets fer good camping drawers! :mrgreen: I likes the kind that the legs git taken off jest above the knees. :D Best place to git them cheap is a second hand store... pay pennies on the dollar... an' they haz to dry real quick when emersed in a river er...
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    Meats in Camp

    In the Upper Michigan along the highway there running east and west ( M-41) just out side L'Anse stood a small shop ( white) and a very old Objibay sold small amounts of food. Among the delicacies was smoked whitefish made locally by Indians around there. Talk about GOOD!!! Now the Indian...
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    $7 SEX

    (slaps his own face) .... ya can't fool with Geezers! swampy
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    Two paddl'n Geezers...

    hehehe I have to say Chuck that our boy already needs a trip on the waters... have to be up nawth since we have all those deep holes down here ... . Anyone knows I ain't about to heave no railroad tie anywheres ... let alone feed it down a hole ... I waz suspicious of the story frum the...
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    Val goes SOLO First time

    Re: d IF it looks like one , smells like one and tastes like one .. it must .... :roll: swmapy
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    Meats in Camp

    I like to take the foil packs of albacore, salmon, and tuna and mix a small pack with about 3-4 oz of cream cheese. Place this , or spread this on a tortilla and roll it up. Yummy ... I like these on the mid day break when Jimmy hasn't brought the corner butcher with him that day ...
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    dancin' with the flames

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    Meats in Camp

    For all ya'lls interest ... Chuck will put you into mind of a raccoon going from trash can to trash can when you see him going from camp site to camp site begging for grub. How does he know what he is eating anyways??? :roll: He has no dislikes! So it is simple to list what he likes ...
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    Carring gear in boat.

    One er two Ozark dry bags at Wally world will suffice. and then a Tupperware tub that Chuck mentioned... the rest is small and a small container made to be water tight will do. OR Spend a fortune for store bought gear .... :x Have the fly to be the first thing you unpack .... so if...
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    New Canoe Plans: Sasquatch 14-30

    Fun don't let that silver tonged devil fool ya! 8) I have heard him out slick a copper head over a frog once. he loves staying in camp and give tours of his boats to passer byers. Lord only knows how many people have started building from his curbside seminars. Gilded tongue? Oh YES...
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    The Voyageur...

    You waskly wabbits! :lol: swampy
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    Coleman gas stove

    another maintenance tip is to take the burners themselves apart and clean out the rust collected there. They are in layers and easily separated. Just do NOT allow Oldyaker near your tarp and your stove ... <weep> :wink: swampy
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    Camping Lantern.

    Why ain't Oldyaker got new shorts!??? I do not like the gas lanterns at all. It's the putting on new mantels that rob me of peace. I wondered how those LED lites worked out, and if they were adequate enough ... Wally World has some now .... I just bought me a new "head light" that fits...
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    The Voyageur...

    mmmmmmm I know sum of these boys and they ain't about to go out in no river er lake without their booze ( rum?) , gritz , nor meats frum home .... now mac will catch his dinner , but the rest of us will settle down with Trail Mixes or MREs ... They strictly worked and at rapid paces ...
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    Au Sable trip

    I can't say that the Sands is the gem but it does look great! Hats off to Katie for having to spend the days with such a motley crew! :lol: Grandpa had to be prod also! Way back when , the Sands was as clear as any bath tub of fresh water... you have to go way up north to find that now a...
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    Ogeechee River Picture Trip Report.

    I won't say nuthin ..... I won't say nuthin..... :lol: Man now ya have me craving for shimps ( as sed locally) ... Got all the ingredients for the Savannah rice last night and will prepare it today! Thanks for that recipe Yak! Bears take all Summer and Fall to load up on carbs for...
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    Ogeechee River Picture Trip Report.

    Boy yer gonna weigh az much az me fore to long stay'in round that Southern eatery! :shock: Still chowing down on brats here! :lol: swampy
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    Ogeechee & Fort McAllister Guard Duty.

    Dratz Yak! He waz suppose to find that out later! :twisted: Oz, my wife likes a hotel on the road. Never one to be shy about room size. And I waz lucky this time! :shock: Usually an 18 wheeler accompanies me on these weekend trips ( Lawd you ought to see a 3-4 weeker!) :shock: But...