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    Rimfire Fun

    Yea man how times or the idiots and society. Has changed. Took my guns to school in trucks on Fridays and went to my cousins house to camp and hunt. They would throw you under jail now. Sad
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    Hey Jimmy glad you. Doing ok man, miss canoeing with you on the ogeechi

    Hey Jimmy glad you. Doing ok man, miss canoeing with you on the ogeechi
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    Rimfire Fun

    Dang oldyacker sorry to hear about the Arthur thing. Was wondering what happened to you. Haddent seen you post in a while. I hadn't been on here either.
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    Florida and the Gulf States , Hurricane Watch

    Yea watching closely. But looking like we may get someof this one also?
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    Hey chuck you always said this was your kind of camping weather. LOl
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    Florida and the Gulf States , Hurricane Watch

    Hey chuck hoping the best for yal and everyone. Ant no telling what or where. It goes?
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    Make America Great Again

    Jack maybe if you looked as good as the cap? Lol ;)
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    labor day

    Just saying hello and log in before sparky kicked me out. Ain't been onhere alot lately. have alot going on. Right now. Hope all you geezers have a great labor day. Catfish
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    2018 season

    I guess all of you geezers done quit hunting? Well been awhile for me too but after a dry year last season finally got a Doe and porky thanksgiviving day.
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    Hope. Yall. Had a. Good one too
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    Wannabe... Johnny R. "Bob" Williams. 11-04-46 -- 11-19-18

    Sorry to hear this, life is. Short
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    Any you l camping with chuck? Heard he was and having a hurricane party. He usually when camping, Chuck hope all. Al stay safe in Florida and south western Ga,
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    Haven't been on here alot lately so thought I would drop in and say hi. Also hope all you geezers that have medical issues on on here get well soon. God bless
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    Thinking. About and praying for all you. Guys in Texas.
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    Irma ........

    Glad. All. You. Geezers. Are. Ok down south. We had alto of rain but no damage again we were. Blessed again,
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    Be eating some new potatoes in a few days. Been like a kid in a candy store. Been scratching and peeking. :D :wink:
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    Sad Day

    Sorry to hear that. Prayers. With you
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    Well I have been having some sort of a time.

    Hope you have speedy recovery. Chuck.
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    Yea jack your style takes all the fun out of it. :D :mrgreen: