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    I've always liked this one

    David, For someone a half a world away, you have a really good grip on American politics!
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    As a senior citizen was driving down the freeway, his cell phone rang. Answering, he heard his wife's voice urgently warning him, "Herman, I just heard on the news that there's a car going the wrong way on 310 Interstate. Please be careful!" "It's not just one car," said Herman. "It's hundreds...
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    Big Hoodoochie comin

    It looks like you might have skated by, this go around ,Mick! Only the good die young! :D It could be that the storm saw you really didn't give a $h!t if it came to see you or not, and it was spooked off. If I were a storm bent on eating someone up, and that someone was roasting lamb, sucking...
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    Big Hoodoochie comin

    I like a man that can think properly in the face of disaster, Mick! If only you had a parachute. You could pull the rip cord in a clearing, hand your glass of chateau du cardboard to Miz Robin, and utter the final words of many a Southern boy, "Watch this!"
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    Thanks from a newbe!

    That's a pretty little boat! And welcome to the nut house. A lot of good things happen here. I don't recall any of them at the moment, but with so many great guys hanging around, I'm certain something good has occurred!
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    Howdy boys

    About a buck and half around here. And of poor quality. Woody and tasteless. Come on Summer!
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    The Low Down on GRITS............

    Joey, On your input, I decided to give boudin another try. Since "Jacob's" makes the best andoulle, the best tasso, and the best fromage de tête cochon on the face of the Earth, I supposed they would also make the best boudin. So, I determined to purchase four pounds, to bring home to Texas...
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    worthless evil doers

    Br'r Bear, I know exactly how your mom and brother feel, and it will be a long, long time before they get over it. Your mother will probably handle it better,and sooner. Women seem to, somehow, set horror to one side, and ignore it. It's not forgotten, just ignored. It looks to me like your...
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    New addition to Chemistry's Periodic Table

    Darrell, Who wrote this piece? I have scattered it all over the U.S., and I am being credited with authorship. I am nowhere near that smart, and I like to give credit where credit is due! It's a beautiful, pretty accurate, piece of work!
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    New addition to Chemistry's Periodic Table

    That is too true to be very funny!
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    Home Defense Rifle

    Many years ago, I was thrown in a relationship with a habitual criminal. One heck of a nice guy to talk to, but he just could not stop himself from stealing stuff. He ultimately escalated his activities, killing two kids and stealing their motorcycle, and died in prison. One thing he told me...
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    The Low Down on GRITS............

    I actually like liver. I am not supposed to eat it( predisposed to gout), but I like it! However boudin is the only Cajun sausage,about the only Cajun food, that I don't like. I realize, like most sausages, there are dozens, if not hundreds of versions of boudin, but my first three or four...
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    The Low Down on GRITS............

    I am working in South Louisian, right now. As I was buying provisions at the local grocery store, this morning, I realized just how far South I am. 21 varieties of grits. 18 varieties of sausage. Three varieties of pickled pork. three varieties of tasso Salted hog casings. Freshly made, on...
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    Floating .22

    I used to have a Nylon 66 as well. Terrific little rifle! Super tough, and about as maintainece free as a gun can get. About thirty years ago, in a moment of lunacy, I gave it to a friend, and have regretted it ever since. A little Hoppe's No, 9 and a brush down the barrel every now and then...
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    Floating .22

    These are great little guns! Not tack drivers, but tough! After my double barrelled .410 disappeared, I hauled around a Charter arms .22 in my canoe. Unfortunatly, it went the same way as the double barreled .410. I loaned it to someone!
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    Geezer Famous for about 15 minutes

    I also think it's great that Piper has gotten recognized for at least SOMEthing! But it's a cold hard fact of life, that this country (perhaps the world as we know it), has been built on the day to day efforts of people that were, and are, never recognized. It good to see the "Good Guy" in the...
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    Triple Bypass

    Well, THAT ain't why I'm fat! None of that stuff is appealing to me at all. I just like minescule amounts of fat and salt- and beer- at ten minute intervals. That's Why I'm fat!
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    El Bastardo mix recipe

    Now, I like me some Jack Black, and I really like me some tequila, and I really, really like me some Tabasco sauce, but no way in this world would more than a bare taste of that mixture, pass my lips!
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    The Low Down on GRITS............

    The perfect Breakfast. Cover a large plate with one inch layer of "Stand up" grits. Cover with three over-easy fried eggs and three patties of hot country sausage. Cover the eggs and sausage with three bottom halves of homemade biscuits. (Hold the top halves of biscuit for pushing and clean...
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    Self surgery.

    An oft repeated line at a family reunion on July 4th, 1976. "Have you heard about the plastic surgeon that hung himself?" (Well, it sure was funny at the time.)( and I still think so!)