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    Not bad. Much better than the other folk who were on the 2005 Buffalo River trip.

    Not bad. Much better than the other folk who were on the 2005 Buffalo River trip.
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    Why did the geezer cross the road?
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    CrkdLtr's Touring Pirogue TV

    Not that iz one fine lookin' boat. Puttin' a sweet little gal like that in it wuz a dang good idea. [grin]
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    Bag-less Camping

    Fellas, Rasslin' with a big bag jest aint worth it, but tryin' ta come up with a one piece solution wont work. I never slept out in the woods when it stayed the same temperature all nite long. Most of the time it iz much warmer til the wee hours, when it gits much colder. That iz why I am...
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    Bag-less Camping

    The stuff I aim ta take instead of my big fella sleepin' bag dont weigh half az much 'n iz eazy ta move round inside the hammock.....not much rasslin'. Caint wait ta give it a try. regards bearridge Republics decline into democracies and democracies degenerate into despotisms. Aristotle
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    Bag-less Camping

    Friend piper, I ordered some heavy polartec pants frum Cabelas, bout $30. IIRC, they sell 'em fer hunters 'n fishermen ta wear in the ice water rivers under their rubber chest boots. Later I seen some camo huntin' drawers that looked thick 'n warm. The top iz eazy, so are the toes 'n head...
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    (_e=mc2_) chuckle
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    It aint no secret. I dont like the little faces that come with the new forum. Some of 'em jest dont look Southern. [chuckle] so....if we caint have anuther set, how bout addin' some? (_!_) a regular ass (__!__) a fat ass (!) a tight ass (_*_) a sore ass {_!_} a swishy ass (_o_) an...
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    The New A.A.R.P. Card.......

    Two fer four....not bad fer a geezer in a tight spot.... *********************** Shopkeeper ‘didn’t want to shoot’ robbers 2 suspects dead, 2 injured after 72-year-old opens fire in New York City The Associated Press updated 8:48 a.m. CT, Sat., Aug 15, 2009 NEW YORK - The sidewalk...
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    Not Yours to Give....David Stern Crockett

    Not Yours to Give Col. Davy Crockett 1884 From The Life of Colonel David Crockett Member of the U.S. Congress 1827-31 & 1832-35 Compiled from The Life of Colonel David Crockett by Edward S. Ellis (Philadelphia: Porter & Coates, 1884) One day in the House of Representatives, a bill was taken...
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    Things are getting out of hand , BIG TIME

    He also disputed accusations that he seeks a federally run system, or one in which the government makes decisions about care. Obama's new message, sharpened amid sliding public support for him and his plan, targeted a vital and, polls show, particularly skeptical audience: the tens of millions...
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    not a blond joke

    Truthful Jack, It wuz a blonde. He jest didnt wanna come rite out 'n tell it....but we all knew. [wink, wink] In Texas they tell it that she wuz blonde with a longhorn tatoo on the inside of her left thigh. [grin] regards bearridge I don't know.  Part of me thinks the kid's right.  He...
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    Things are getting out of hand , BIG TIME

    Dang....I figgered I had done purty good on the rest. [sigh] regards bearridge
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    Things are getting out of hand , BIG TIME

    He wuz with the National Lampoon too.....IIRC.
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    Things are getting out of hand , BIG TIME

    Now that jest dont make no sense. Why would they turn in one of their own? If they done that enuff, it mite open up the two handed game ta some conservative folks.....who kin walk the walk, not jest talk that talk. regards bearridge ps I know. It wuz jest a joke. Funny too. Kinda like...
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    Things are getting out of hand , BIG TIME

    I heard all the talk at the town hall meetings. Some of it likely iz true, I got a dollar sez some of it aint, but whether some of it iz 'n some of it aint, dont really matter. If the guviment runs it, it goes broke....stays broke....keeps deadbeats drawin' a paycheck 'n grinds down the...
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    Paddling for a purpose has launched

    Fellas, This trip iz over. Some mitey fine pichurs 'n fine tale tellin'. regards bearridge I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.  H.L. Mencken
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    Pirogue build in Delaware

    Friend mds, That boat iz really beginnin' ta look good. Same with the kids. [grin] regards bearridge The little boat gently drifted across the pond exactly the way a bowling ball wouldn't.  Unknown high school student
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    glassing pirogue

    boats look so much purtier floatin' in the water......very nice jdupre the 1st.
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    Replacement Taillights etc

    Mister High Sheriff, That aint spammers. It iz worse..........pfishermen. They dont have nuthin' ta do with ebay, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Mastercard, etc. They jest want ya ta give 'em yer social security number, yer bank account number, yer credit card number, yer...